Mathesis and Mathematikoi, Mt. Wilson Observatory, Mt. Wilson, CA, 2017

Unauthorized Live Score, The Kouroi, The Society of Dilettanti,  The Getty Museum, 2017

Everyday War, Ashes / Ashes, Los Angeles, 2016

ISBN 978-0-9913772-0-6 Reading at the Getty Center, 2016

(Mayakovsky) Study for Instrumental Trans Communication, Voice, and Autotune, 2016

Op. 21 Inner Experience Fellowship / Friends of Crime at R.M. Schindler’s Fitzpatrick House, August 2015

Sonatine Bureaucratique at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, April-May 2015

Desert Center (Composition I10 Mvmt IV:Dusk)with Palm Springs Art Museum, April 2015

Inverted Capitol Spire and Programmatic Architecture Displacements at VSF and LACA, November-December 2014

Split Chorale (For Viljo Revell) Nuit Blanche Toronto w Kathryn Andrews, October 2014

And yes, I Even Remember You. Aran Cravey, Los Angeles, July-August

Maccarone New York June 25-August 8 2014

Human Resources Los Angeles, April-May 2013

LAAIR / Traveller’s Companion Addenda at Shanaynay Paris, June-July 2013

The Academy/The Chthonic at Eleusis at Public FictionThe Academy/The Chthonic at Eleusis at Public Fiction, 2012

Tape Music at the Schindler House, 2012

(Threnody) a beginner’s guide to Mao Tse Tung at The Hammer Museum, Made in L.A. 2012

Between Connoisseurship And Humiliation at Cirrus Gallery/Actual Size April-May 2012

 Maldistribution at Human  Resources, Los  Angeles, June-July 2011