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Revelators Akousmatikoi syllabus readings Fall 2023

Pandaemonium Architecture 4.0 syllabus readings Fall 2023

Forget the Labyrinth Medium, 2023

Archon Fever – The Hypostatis of Elizabeth Quezada-Lee and Christopher Johst Medium, 2023

The Cremation of Care – Nick Angelo’s Models Medium, 2023

Human Computer Human, A Conversation with Scott Benzel by Erin Caihui Chen, 2023

Vestigia Deep Lore II reader, 2023

Vestigia Deep Lore I reader, 2023

Vestigia, The Horse Dublin, March 30, 2023

Tulip Hysteria Coordinating syllabus, Readings Spring 2023

Pandaemonium Architecture 3.5 syllabus, Readings Fall 2022

Time Machines: on the work of Ekta Aggarwal Medium, 2022

Lazarus Canary: Thigmomorphogenesis, World Knots, Psi Chicks in the work of Alan S. Tofighi Medium, 2022

Mindless Pleasures, ed. Hailey Loman, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, 2021

Frieze, Scott Benzel Gambles with the Avant Garde by Jan Tumlir, 2020

X-TRA, Culture is War, Scott Benzel by Keith J. Varadi, 2020

Brooklyn Rail, Scott Benzel: Mindless Pleasures, by Yxta Maya Murray, 2020

Contemporary Art Daily, Scott Benzel at Bel Ami, 2020

Contemporary Art Writing Daily, Scott Benzel at Bel Ami, 2020

Hoard Inaugural, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, 2019

On Hexentexte, Tupac Cruz, 2019

Galerie The Culture of Cults#followme, DCLA, by Colleen Curry 2018

Frieze Good and Bad Times in L.A., a Year of protest and performance in Los Angeles by Hedi El Kholti, 2018

Notes on V.I.T.R.I.O.L.  California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA / LACE, Los Angeles, 2018

Notes on ‘Geological/Genealogical Studies, Great Salt Lake‘ , Home Bodies, Away Teams, UMOCA, Salt Lake City, 2018

The Wire Kenyatta AC Hinkle and Scott Benzel, J. Paul Getty Museum 2017 Cosmic Thing Knowledges at Mt. Wilson Observatory by Travis Diehl 2017

C Magazine, Sylvia by Sabrina Tarasoff 2016

Octopusnotes Interview by Naoki Sutter-Shudo 2015

Modern Painters feature by Michael Slenske 2015

East of Borneo On a Dark Desert Highway by Steffie Nelson 2015

Scott Benzel, Part-Objects book, eds. Catherine Taft, Eric Kim, 2014, pdf 77.3 MB

ArtInfo,  Artist’s Choice Best Shows of 2014 by Scott Benzel

Art in America Scott Benzel at Maccarone Review 2014

Flash Art Scott Benzel at Maccarone Review 2014

Modern Painters Scott Benzel at Maccarone Review 2014

LA Weekly ‘I Even Remember You’ at Aran Cravey 2014

Hyperallergic ‘I Even Remember You’ at Aran Cravey 2014

Art Observed Scott Benzel at Maccarone Review 2014

Art in America Exhibitions Scott Benzel at Maccarone Preview 2014

W magazine Scott Benzel at Various Small Fires Preview 2014

 The Buffalo News Kathryn Andrews and Scott Benzel at Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014

The Globe and Mail Kathryn Andrews and Scott Benzel at Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014

Artforum Made in L.A. Review by Michael Ned Holte 2012

Made in L.A. catalog essay by Kurt Mueller 2o12

CAM St. Louis Front Room Projects essay by Laura Fried 2o11

Artforum Best of 2011 by Michael Ned Holte 2011

Artforum Scott Benzel at Human Resources by Catherine Taft 2o11

ArtReview Scott Benzel at Human Resources by Andrew Berardini 2011

Artforum Best of 2009, Music, ‘Blak Bloc’, by Stephen Prina

Ivory Neige, L’origine du Monde, Magic Eraser Bard CCS, essay by Theresa Choi 2o12