(Mayakovsky) Study for Instrumental Trans Communication, Voice, and Autotune at Rainbow in Spanish


Op. 21 Inner Experience Fellowship / Friends of Crime at Schindler’s Fitzpatrick House Aug. 1


Scott Benzel, Op. 21: Inner Experience Fellowship / Friends of Crime for prepared piano, vintage electronics, guitar, experimental percussion, tape loop, gong, and central mixing station. R.M. Schindler’s Fitzpatrick- Leland House, August 1, 2015. Presented by the MAK Center for Art and Architecture

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Roland Barthes, Sade Fourier Loyola; R.M. Schindler’s Fitzpatrick- Leland House, Los Angeles

“…in their activities as logothetes, our authors, it seems, have each had recourse to the same operations…The first is self-isolation. The new language must arise from a material vacuum…Loyola requires retreat; no sound, little light, solitude; Sade shuts his libertines up in inviolable places, Fourier decrees the dispersal of libraries…

The second operation is articulation. No languages without distinct signs. Fourier divides mankind into 1629 fixed passions, combinable but not transformable; Sade distributes ejaculation like the words in a sentence…Loyola cuts up the body as he cuts up the Christian narrative…our three authors deduct, combine, arrange, endlessly produce rules of assemblage; they substitute syntax, composition…for creation.

The third operation is ordering…to subject the vast erotic, eudaemonist, or mystical sequence to a higher order…the new discourse is provided with an Ordainer, a Master of Ceremonies… in Ignatius, it is the retreat director, in Fourier some patron or matron, in Sade, some libertine who sets up the postures and directs the over-all progress of the erotic operation; there is always someone to regulate the exercise, séance, orgy, but that someone is not a subject; the producer of the episode, he acts only for the moment…an operator of the sequence. Thus the ritual demanded by our three authors is only a form of planning: it is the order necessary for pleasure, happiness, divine interlocution…but this economy is not appropriative, it remains “excessive”. “

– Roland Barthes, Sade Fourier Loyola

Self-isolation, articulation, ordering, All elements of the time-honored Los Angeles tradition of a group isolating themselves in a house (usually in the Hollywood Hills), and using the environment as an incubator for the above-mentioned articulations, for the ordering of their ‘exercises, séances’, and sound. In Op. 21,: Inner Experience Fellowship / Friends of Crime, R.M. Schindler’s Fitzpatrick/Leland house becomes both incubator and generator of an ‘allover’ soundwork.

Desert Center with Palm Springs Art Museum


Desert Center (Composition I10 Mvmt IV: Dusk) for string quartet, experimental percussion, AM radio, and electronics in collaboration with the Palm Springs Art Museum and L.A.N.D.  April 3 and 4, Palm Springs Museum at Palm Desert and Desert Center, CA

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       photographs by Christopher Adler

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Split Chorale Plan

Split Choral Kathryn Andrews and Scott Benzel

Nuit Blanche Toronto October 4, 2014, Toronto City Hall

Split Chorale for  Viljo Revell, with Kathryn Andrews

Review: The Buffalo News

Preview: The Globe and Mail

Split Chorale Plan.pdf

Selected Music and Sound Works

LAAIR/Air de Paris, live performance at Shanaynay, Paris, 2013

Audio from PART-OBJECTS, a collaboration with Anita Pace, Perform Chinatown 2013

, a collaboration with Anita Pace, Perform Chinatown 2013

Spectrum (installation audio excerpt), (2013) Human Resources

Selections from the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of Feb. 28, 2013 (2013) Dem Passwords, LA

 The Recitation from Profondeurs Vertes Mike Kelley and Scott Benzel Musee Louvre Paris (released 2012)

Exposition Chaos from A|D Liz Glynn and Scott Benzel with Corey Fogel and Giles Miller (2012) Public Fiction, LA

Sines (for Michael Asher) Excerpt 2 channel version of a 4 channel installation (2011) CAM St. Louis

Concentric Circles (before and after David Smith) Mvmt I for 3 lock-groove lacquers and string trio (2010) LACMA

Fewg  Flash Bam Pow Music from the Trip (1967) in the style of…(2009)  SASSAS Program PDF * **

Inversion I (retrograde) Excerpt

Inversion I (retrograde) Excerpt
 Inversion I (retrograde) for Dennis Wilson (2010) Blum and Poe* **

Blak Bloc I Excerpt  Blak Bloc II Excerpt BLAK BLOC FOR STRING QUARTET AND FEEDBACK (2009)* **

Nativity Electronique Coda from Day is Done- Original Soundtrack by Mike Kelley and Scott Benzel (2005)*

*full album available on iTunes ** full album available on Spotify 

Plays selections from the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of Feb. 28, 2013


Audio mp3

Scott Benzel plays selections from the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of Feb. 28, 2013 for radio tuner, sampling instrument, and belt sanders

Feb 28 2013, 9pm
Dem Passwords, Los Angeles

organized by John Wiese

7914-B Santa Monica Blvd.

followed by Evidence (Stephan Moore/Scott Smallwood)
Ace Farren Ford & John Wiese
Casey Anderson

W.W.A.R./ Die Dritte Generation at ALAC

Photographs Jennie Warren iPhone photographs by Cindy Bernard and Scott Marvel Cassidy

Scott Benzel: W.W.A.R./ Die Dritte Generation

W.W.A.R. Performance Script, 2016

Program PDF

Review by Sam Bloch PDF

4pm, Saturday Jan. 26 ALAC Ruskin Theatre Santa Monica Airport

Art Los Angeles Contemporary presents the debut of Scott Benzel W.W.A.R. / Die Dritte Generation for belt sanders, amplified newton’s cradles, bass speakers, glass, magnetic tape,viola, violin,  and voice.
Taking as starting points Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Die Dritte Generation and Arthur Schopenhauer’s The World as Will and Representation, Benzel’s ‘performative environment’ features performers installing and then acting upon various musical and visual constructions (some repurposed from previous performances) including a belt sander racetrack, amplified newton’s cradles, a coffee table supported by bass speakers, and a long magnetic tape loop.

A|D with Liz Glynn, The Academy/The Chthonic at Eleusis at Public Fiction

A|D, a meal in five acts by Liz Glynn
Music orchestrated by Scott Benzel, performed by Scott Benzel, Corey Fogel, and Giles Miller.
As part of Scott Benzel’s current exhibition The Academy / The Chthonic at Eleusis
“…most important of all is the structure of the incidents.
For Tragedy is an imitation, not of men, but of an action and of life,
and life consists in action, and its end is a mode of action, not a quality.”

The Academy/The Chthonic at Eleusis one person show at Public Fiction opens September 21

With a live performance by Ezra Buchla
& a tape-loop by Scott Benzel:
Sines for Michael Asher 2-channel loop 15 ips – 7 ips- performed by Allison Wyper and Jos McKain

This stage of sorts will host a series of performances & events. Including:

A set of dinners by Liz Glynn on October 12th &13th.

Tape Music at the Schindler House

Tape Music at the Schindler HouseMAK Center, Los Angeles, featuring William Basinski, John Wiese, Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley, Pauline Oliveros, Cortical Foundation curated by Scott Benzel August 25, presented by SASSAS


Tape Music @ Schindler House, Venice Beach Biennial, Made in L.A., CCS Bard, Ballroom Marfa

Variations for Commercial Arcade, Gamut I-XXI, 2011


Scott Benzel- Variations for Commercial Arcade, Gamut I-XXI, Cassia Streb, viola at Trespass/Parade, 2011


Recombinant Folk History and Non-Genre I for Belt Sanders and Female Black Metal Guitarist, a performance/musical work at Black Box, curated by Liz Glynn Jan. 20, 2012 part of Pacific Standard Time, organized by LA><ART


L.A. Weekly

After Funhouse in the Style of the penultimate sequence of The Lady from Shanghai (1947) for 3 voices, rock trio, and saxophone

Greystone Manor, Beverly Hills, Sat. Jan. 28th

L.A. Times Review


Chinashop Magazine

John Cage Variations IV, realized by Scott Benzel and Dave Muller

January 29, 2012 Welcome Inn. Eagle Rock

Two Installations at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis: Front Room: 2 4-channel Sound Installations by Scott Benzel

String Quartet No. 2, 4-channel sound installation, string quartet; Sines for Michael Asher, 4-channel sound installation, sine wave generators

Sines (for Michael Asher) Excerpt. mp3 2 channel version of a 4 channel sound installation

Scott Benzel Web Guide pdf

Concentric Circles (before and after David Smith) at LACMA

Click image to play video

A performance/installation for 3 (infinite) lock groove lacquers and string trio.

Heather Lockie – Viola, Cassia Streb – Viola, Jessica Catron – Cello. Lacquer mastering by Richard Simpson.


Trespass/Parade: presented by West of Rome, part of Pacific Standard Time, Oct. 2,1

Variations for Commercial Arcade (Gamut I-XXI), Cassia Streb, viola

Joy Prowl, Slogan for Trespass/Parade

Pig Rococo, Slogan for Trespass/Parade

Inversion I (retrograde) after Dennis Wilson at Blum & Poe

Inversion I (retrograde) after Dennis Wilson, 2010, in “Endless Bummer/Surf Elsewhere” at Blum and Poe. String quartet, record lacquer, modified (reversible) Technics 1200 turntable, Dynaco preamp, speakers.

Audio Excerpt


Artforum Best of 2009


(Numero Deux) 2009

Review: Artforum (Best of 2009)

Blak Bloc I Audio Excerpt

Blak Bloc II Audio Excerpt

Now available on Spotify

Available on iTunes, emusic, and in select stores

Music from the Trip in the style of a Schoenberg-Gershwin tennis match…

Music from the Trip (1967) in the style of a Schoenberg-Gershwin tennis match observed in passing by Dr. Oscar Janiger (commissioned by SASSAS  to celebrate West Hollywood’s 25th anniversary) and other works. Sat July 24th at King’s Road Park Pavilion, Los Angeles.

Program PDF

Audio Excerpt: Fewg

Audio Excerpt: Flash Bam Pow

LA Weekly


INVERSIONS I-IV FOR STRING QUARTET Live at King’s Rd. Park Pavilion, W. Hollywood, CA, July 24, 20

Program PDF

Inversion I (Retrograde) after Dennis Wilson Audio Excerpt


in select stores on Numero Deux Recordings


Blak Bloc


(Numero Deux) 2009

available at iTunes, eMusic, and in select stores

Blak Bloc I Audio Excerpt

Blak Bloc II Audio Excerpt

Review: Artforum (Best of 2009)