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Blouin Artinfo Feature (expanded version of Modern Painters)

Modern Painters Feature

ArtInfo Artist’s Choice Best Shows of 2014


Maccarone New York

Art in America

Flash Art

Modern Painters

Art Observed

Art in America Exhibitions

"Scott Benzel Inverted Capitol Spire, steel, cotton, 2014"

Various Small Fires Los Angeles, Inverted Capitol Spire: Programmatic Architecture Displacement #5, steel, cotton, 2014

W magazine

Split Choral Kathryn Andrews and Scott Benzel

Split Chorale for  Viljo Revell, with Kathryn Andrews

Nuit Blanche Toronto October 4, 2014, Toronto City Hall

Review: The Buffalo News

Preview: The Globe and Mail


Aran Cravey Los Angeles

LA Weekly


Part-Objects Book Available Online at Art Metropole; Mark Hagen/Scott Benzel ALAC


Scott Benzel Part-Objects Book Release LA Art Book Fair and LACA Jan. 30-Feb. 2 published by Human Resources Press and Lockitch Press, Texts by Eric Kim and Catherine Taft. Limited edition hardcover.


Available for online purchase: Art Metropole Los Angeles Contemporary Archive MOCA Geffen Contemporary Jan. 30- Feb. 2

Mark Hagen and Scott Benzel Coprolite Selections, Art Los Angeles Contemporary Jan. 30-Feb. 2


Selected Essays and Reviews

Modern Painters Feature, by Michael Slenske

ArtInfo Artist’s Choice Best Shows of 2014,

Art in America Review, Scott Benzel at Maccarone, by Brian Boucher

Modern Painters Review, Scott Benzel at Maccarone

Flash Art Review, Scott Benzel at Maccarone, by Aaron Bogart

Art Observed Review, New York: Scott Benzel at Maccarone, by O.C. Yerebakan

Selected Essays from PART-OBJECTS, by Catherine Taft and Eric Kim

CAM St. Louis Front Room Projects Essay, curated by Laura Fried

In the Good Name of the Company, Jan Tumlir, Chistopher Michlig, Brian Roettinger, Picturebox/For Your Art

In the good name of the company Review by Kurt Mueller pdf

Made in L.A. Artforum Review by Michael Ned Holte pdf

Made in L.A. catalog essay by Kurt Mueller pdf

Ivory Neige, L’origine du Monde, Magic Eraser, Essay by Theresa Choi pdf

Between Connoisseurship and Humiliation Essay by Michael Haight pdf

Artforum Best of 2011 by Michael Ned Holte pdf

Artforum Review by Catherine Taft pdf

ArtReview Review by Andrew Berardini pdf

Seven Los Angeles Artists Index.pdf

Seven Los Angeles Artists Essay.pdf by Scott Benzel

Sublimated Los Angeles.pdf by Scott Benzel

Maldistribution I pdf by Scott Benzel

Maldistribution Checklist pdf

Dicer Troll.pdf from Maldistribution by Scott Benzel

Bison Dele pdf from Maldistribution by Scott Benzel

Artforum Best of 2009 by Stephen Prina pdf


Contribution to An Homage to Mike Kelley, MOMA PS1, MOCA

An Homage to Mike Kelley presented by Gagosian Gallery

 also LA Art Book Fair, MOCA

List of Contributors

Index of Works

A Minor Canon, contribution to An Homage to Mike Kelley:

The Psychotronic Video Guide To Film

by Michael J. Weldon


by Comte De Lautreamont

The Sad Sack (Classics of Modern American Humor Series)

by George Baker

Harry Partch: Enclosure 3

by Harry Partch, Philip Blackburn

The four seasons and the archangels: experience of the course of the year in four cosmic imaginations;: Five lectures given in Dornach, Switzerland, from 5th to 13th October 1923

by Rudolf Steiner

The Center of the Cyclone: An Autobiography of Inner Space

by John Cunningham Lilly

Japrocksampler: How the Post-War Japanese Blew Their Minds on Rock ‘n’ Roll

by Julian Cope

A Power Stronger Than Itself: The AACM and American Experimental Music

by George E. Lewis

The All-American Outhouse: Stories, Design & Construction

by Bob Cary

Reich Speaks of Freud : Wilhelm Reich Discusses His Work and His Relationship with Sigmund Freud

by Wilhelm Reich; Higgins, Mary; Raphael, Chester M.; Pol, Therese Reich

Doris Day

by Eric Braun

Psychedelic Art

by R.E.L. Masters, J. Houston

Text–Sound Texts

by Allen Ginsberg, John Cage, Philip Glass,Claes Oldenburg, Jack Kerouac, Richard Kostelanetz (Editor)

The Gertrude Stein Reader: The Great American Pioneer of Avant-Garde Letters

by Gertrude Stein, Richard Kostelanetz (Editor)

H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life

by Michel Houellebecq

The Psychoanalysis of Children (The Writings of Melanie Klein, Vol. 2)

by Melanie Klein, H. A. Thorner (Editor), Alix Strachey(Translator)

Spirit World

by Jack Kirby

Psychic Photography: Threshold of a New Science?

by Hans Holzer

Detroit Television (Images of America)

by Tim Kiska , Ed Golick


by Rudolf Steiner



Ivory Neige, L’Origine du monde, Magic Eraser at CCS Bard



Download ipad/iphone Catalog in epub format, control click and save

Essay by Michael Haight pdf


Recombinant Folk History and Non-Genre I for Belt Sanders and Female Black Metal Guitarist, a performance/musical work at Black Box, curated by Liz Glynn Jan. 20, 2012 part of Pacific Standard Time, organized by LA><ART

L.A. Weekly

After Funhouse in the Style of the penultimate sequence of The Lady from Shanghai (1947) for 3 voices, rock trio, and saxophone

Greystone Manor, Beverly Hills, Sat. Jan. 28th

L.A. Times Review

Chinashop Magazine

John Cage Variations IV, realized by Scott Benzel and Dave Muller

January 29, 2012 Welcome Inn. Eagle Rock

Artforum Best of 2011 / Frieze Best of 2011 / LA Weekly: The Year in L.A. Art

Artforum Best of 2011, Scott Benzel, Human Resources at Cottage Home, Michael Ned Holte, Dec. 2011 PDF

Frieze Best of 2011 Scott Benzel at Human Resources, Jonathan Griffin, Jan. 2011

LA Weekly: The Year in L.A. Art, Andrew Berardini, Dec. 22, 2011



ArtReview Review October 2011

Artforum Review October 2011

Two Installations at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis: Front Room: 2 4-channel Sound Installations by Scott Benzel

String Quartet No. 2, 4-channel sound installation, string quartet; Sines for Michael Asher, 4-channel sound installation, sine wave generators

Sines (for Michael Asher) Excerpt. mp3 2 channel version of a 4 channel sound installation

Scott Benzel Web Guide pdf

Maldistribution @ Human Resources at Cottage Home

Performa: Day is Done Live at Judson Church

Click image to play video

Review: NY Times

Mike Kelley EAPR #32 Plus: Live. Performa 09, NY

Music by Mike Kelley and Scott Benzel

Produced for the stage by Mike Kelley and Scott Benzel

Artforum Best of 2009


(Numero Deux) 2009

Review: Artforum (Best of 2009)

Blak Bloc I Audio Excerpt

Blak Bloc II Audio Excerpt

Now available on Spotify

Available on iTunes, emusic, and in select stores

Music from the Trip in the style of…

Music from the Trip (1967) in the style of a Schoenberg-Gershwin tennis match observed in passing by Dr. Oscar Janiger (commissioned by SASSAS  to celebrate West Hollywood’s 25th anniversary) and other works. Sat July 24th at King’s Road Park Pavilion, Los Angeles.

Program PDF

Audio Excerpt: Fewg

Audio Excerpt: Flash Bam Pow

LA Weekly

Inversions I-IV

Artforum Diary