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Everyday War at Ashes/Ashes, Los Angeles, 2016

Altered Circulatory Systems/Recombinatory Systems, 2016

Installation View, Everyday War, 2016

Altered Circulatory Systems, 2016

Ekphrasis/Extended Phenotype, 2016

Part-Objects Book PDF and Online at Art Metropole; Mark Hagen/Scott Benzel ALAC


Scott Benzel Part-Objects Book Release LA Art Book Fair and LACA Jan. 30-Feb. 2 published by Human Resources Press and Lockitch Press, Texts by Eric Kim and Catherine Taft. Limited edition hardcover.


Available for online purchase: Art Metropole

http://lacarchive.com/ Los Angeles Contemporary Archive

http://laartbookfair.net/ MOCA Geffen Contemporary Jan. 30- Feb. 2

Mark Hagen and Scott Benzel Coprolite Selections, Art Los Angeles Contemporary Jan. 30-Feb. 2



Selected Music and Sound Works

LAAIR/Air de Paris, live performance at Shanaynay, Paris, 2013

Audio from PART-OBJECTS, a collaboration with Anita Pace, Perform Chinatown 2013

Spectrum (installation audio excerpt), (2013) Human Resources

Selections from the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of Feb. 28, 2013 (2013) Dem Passwords, LA

 The Recitation from Profondeurs Vertes Mike Kelley and Scott Benzel Musee Louvre Paris (released 2012)

Exposition Chaos from A|D Liz Glynn and Scott Benzel with Corey Fogel and Giles Miller (2012) Public Fiction, LA

Sines (for Michael Asher) Excerpt 2 channel version of a 4 channel installation (2011) CAM St. Louis

Concentric Circles (before and after David Smith) Mvmt I for 3 lock-groove lacquers and string trio (2010) LACMA

Fewg  Flash Bam Pow Music from the Trip (1967) in the style of…(2009)  SASSAS Program PDF * **

Inversion I (retrograde) Excerpt Inversion I (retrograde) for Dennis Wilson (2010) Blum and Poe* **

Blak Bloc I Excerpt  Blak Bloc II Excerpt BLAK BLOC FOR STRING QUARTET AND FEEDBACK (2009)* **

Nativity Electronique Coda from Day is Done- Original Soundtrack by Mike Kelley and Scott Benzel (2005)*

*full album available on iTunes ** full album available on Spotify 

Tape Music at the Schindler House

Tape Music at the Schindler HouseMAK Center, Los Angeles, featuring William Basinski, John Wiese, Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley, Pauline Oliveros, Cortical Foundation curated by Scott Benzel August 25, presented by SASSAS


Tape Music @ Schindler House, Venice Beach Biennial, Made in L.A., CCS Bard, Ballroom Marfa

Seven Los Angeles Artists

Seven Los Angeles Artists Index.pdf Seven Los Angeles Artists Essay.pdf Sublimated Los Angeles.pdf

Kathryn Andrews, Anonymous, Anonymous, Erin Cosgrove, Mark Hagen, Mike Kelley, Rodney McMillian, curated by Scott Benzel at Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Oct. 15-Dec.17 2011


Trespass/Parade: http://trespassparade.org/ presented by West of Rome, part of Pacific Standard Time, Oct. 2,1

Variations for Commercial Arcade (Gamut I-XXI), Cassia Streb, viola

Joy Prowl, Slogan for Trespass/Parade

Pig Rococo, Slogan for Trespass/Parade

Endless Bummer/Surf Elsewhere

Blum and Poe July 3 – August 28, 2010

Billy Al Bengston, Justin Beal, Scott Benzel, Gil Blank, Jennifer Bornstein, Carol Bove, Cameron, Anne Collier, R. Crumb, Lucy Dodd, Sam Durant, Roe Ethridge, Amy Granat, Ed Kienholz, Margaret Kilgallen, Nate Lowman, John McCracken, Adam McEwen, Dave Muller, Aleksandra Mir, Catherine Opie, Raymond Pettibon, Richard Phillips, Amanda Ross-Ho, Sterling Ruby, Ed Ruscha, Reena Spaulings, Vincent Szarek, Guyton \ Walker and Christopher Williams With a video program by Drew Heitzler and a ‘zine with text by Jan Tumlir

Animal Style

Animal Style: The New Warrior – Pepin Moore, Los Angeles

July 9th through August 14th 2010

Black Suns/Black Holes (Colby Posters) 2010, Engraving on letterpress posters, 14×17″

Men’s Community for the 21st Century

Go check out the link above to learn more about the Mankind Project and their New Warrior Training weekends. My shrink was really pushing me to do this, so after researching it a bit, I found a new shrink. Shortly there after, my friends Genevieve and John Ryan told me they were opening a new gallery in Chinatown. They asked me if I would curate a summer show for them to operate as a forward to their official opening in September. Since I have a stoner attention span (and appetite), I immediately thought of the New Warrior Training and then In and Out burgers.

I’m guessing you know that besides their regular menu, In and Out has all these options that are off menu. Animal Style is extra everything. It got its name in the early sixties when In and Out first became popular with surfers. They would order their burgers this way. The clean-cut employees (In and Out still has weird born-again affiliations) referred to the shaggy surfer boys as animals, thus Animal Style. Coincidentally, early versions of the new warrior training sessions were called Wild Animal Weekends.

So there you go. Messy burgers and self-help retreats that lead to ideas of inclusive exclusion, cult behavior, new age family values, masochistic machismo rituals, spirit animal journeys, passive aggression, and enlightenment. I love California.

Artists in the exhibition include Justin Beal, Scott Benzel, Gil Blank, Jedediah Caesar, Matthew Chambers, Fritz Chesnut, Krysten Cunningham, Mark Hagen, Emilie Halpern, and Lucy Raven

For more information, please contact Pepin Moore at gallery@pepinmoore.com

Inversions I-IV Installation


Mandrake Invite

Lightshow, wheatpaste poster, 24x36, 2009

The Medium, 2 wheatpaste posters, 24x36" each, 2009