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Aran Cravey Los Angeles July 18-August 30 2014

July 18 to August 30, 2014
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Opening Reception: Friday, July 18, 6pm – 9pm

Scott Benzel, Patricia Fernández, Hailey Loman, D’Ette Nogle, Mungo Thomson

Curated by Eric Kim

“… [I]ndividual experience is clearly inseparable from the culture in which it is constituted. This truth is in fact at the root of the most beautiful mysteries of life. Thus, in our intermediations, we can share with one another an immensely rich history of experience and reflection. Yet as individuals, at the same time, we may run the risk of losing a sense of personal identity, and growing blank in the process—like the postcard photographer’s gaze as he captures his empty images.”  

- Allan McCollum

Maccarone New York June 25 – August 8 2014


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Scott Benzel
June 25 – August 8, 2014

630 Greenwich Street NY

Maccarone proudly announces our first exhibition of Scott Benzel, opening June 25th through August 8th, 2014, featuring a selection of the artist’s works from 2009 to the present. On the occasion of the opening Benzel will perform, Folk Action and Non-Genre III for Belt Sanders and Female Black Metal Guitarist featuring Alex Niemetz.

Benzel’s practice can be understood as an exploration of cultural histories and their subsequent mythologies. Collecting fragments, remnants, and ephemera in an indexical manner, Benzel combines these often forgotten objects into aggregates of contradiction and altered meaning. With sculptural installations, photographic works, and sound he inhabits the role of artist as researcher. Unhinging each object’s original use-value through accumulation, misuse and convergence, obscure narratives form. Objects include:

metallic c-print of ‘Slash’ image of Spock; metallic c-print of ‘Fakir’ image of Lady Diana; counterfeit Nike SB Dunk ‘Heaven’s Gate’ shoes; The Trip original movie posters with original censorship stickers; Bison Dele,last game-worn jersey; The Beach Boys, ‘Never Learn Not to Love’ 45 RPM single; Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung; Esquire Magazine December 1967 editorial featuring Sharon Tate, ‘A Beginners Guide to Mao Tse-Tung’; Life Magazine December 1969 editorial featuring ‘The Wreck of a Monstrous Family’; Polish film poster for Weekend U Berniego; Polish film poster for Miłošč Szmaragd I Krokodyl; archival pigment prints of unused alien prototypes from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey; archival pigment prints of storyboards from the unrealized film The Story; ‘Love Roses’ disguised pipes; ‘Lipstick’ disguised pipe; U.S. Postal Service stamps depicting The Statue of Liberty at New York, New York, Las Vegas; The Silver Apples’ debut LP with Kmart 99c Special Sale sticker; Artforum magazine November 1974 featuring ad for Lynda Benglis at Paula Cooper Gallery; ‘Hi-Liter’ disguised pipe; October Magazine No. 1, Spring 1976, featuring Michel Foucault, “Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe”; video featuring The Beach Boys performing ‘Never Learn Not to Love’ live on the Mike Douglas show with: 1. original sound 2. Charles Manson singing ‘Cease to Exist’ 3. ‘Never Learn Not to Love’ (studio version); archival pigment print of Bob Dylan’s hair; archival pigment print of flames of monk self-immolating; Knabe baby grand piano; c-print of woman with spectrum-dyed hair; Rode NK1 tube microphone; DR microphone stand; Kicker Comp 15 bass speakers; Shure SM58 microphone; Ultravoice XM8500 microphones; spectrum-colored XLR cables; Samson Servo 1200 amplifier; Yamaha EMX 212S power mixer; Shuggie Otis ‘Freedom Flight’ LP; two Allen Ruppersberg color xeroxes; Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko with stickers; Post-WWII German postcard with overprinting; Post-Islamic-Revolution Iranian banknote with overprinting; British pound coin with over- stamping; metallic c-print of Barker Ranch, Death Valley, CA; two glasses of seawater; yellow polypropylene rope forming two nooses; Leonard Nimoy-designed monogrammed towel; counterfeit Leonard Nimoy-designed monogrammed towel; Malcolm Mclaren business card; counterfeit Malcolm Mclaren business cards; Gustav Metzger object; counterfeit Gustav Metzger objects; silver gelatin print of plastic flower; metallic c-print of L.A. Times recreation of Patricia Hearst’s point of view on Mel’s Sporting Goods, site of SLA shootout, May 16th, 1974; The Lost Continent of Mu by James Churchward; Library of Congress facsimile of The Jefferson Bible by Thomas Jefferson; Vietnam War-era Vietnamese Bible; Tijuana Bibles – Jean Harloe and Clark Gable; The Beatles, The Beatles (White Album); Kiosk displaying various books and magazines modeled after Jean-Luc Godard’s “ideology shop” in One Plus One.

Scott Benzel was born in 1968 in Scottsdale, AZ and lives and works in Los Angeles. His work has been shown or performed at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum Of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, LA><ART, and the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, and was featured in Made in LA 2012, the first Los Angeles Biennial, at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. Benzel has curated shows at the MAK Center/Schindler House, Los Angeles and the Welcome Inn, Eagle Rock, CA, as part of Pacific Standard Time organized by the Getty Museum, among others.

For more information on the exhibition, please call the gallery at 212 431 4977 or email press@maccarone.net.Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM.

Part-Objects Book PDF and Online at Art Metropole; Mark Hagen/Scott Benzel ALAC


Scott Benzel Part-Objects Book Release LA Art Book Fair and LACA Jan. 30-Feb. 2 published by Human Resources Press and Lockitch Press, Texts by Eric Kim and Catherine Taft. Limited edition hardcover.


Available for online purchase: Art Metropole

http://lacarchive.com/ Los Angeles Contemporary Archive

http://laartbookfair.net/ MOCA Geffen Contemporary Jan. 30- Feb. 2

Mark Hagen and Scott Benzel Coprolite Selections, Art Los Angeles Contemporary Jan. 30-Feb. 2



Shanaynay Paris; Perform Chinatown w Anita Pace; Public Fiction; Autocenter Berlin

Selected Music and Sound Works

LAAIR/Air de Paris, live performance at Shanaynay, Paris, 2013

Audio from PART-OBJECTS, a collaboration with Anita Pace, Perform Chinatown 2013

Spectrum (installation audio excerpt), (2013) Human Resources

Selections from the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of Feb. 28, 2013 (2013) Dem Passwords, LA

 The Recitation from Profondeurs Vertes Mike Kelley and Scott Benzel Musee Louvre Paris (released 2012)

Exposition Chaos from A|D Liz Glynn and Scott Benzel with Corey Fogel and Giles Miller (2012) Public Fiction, LA

Sines (for Michael Asher) Excerpt 2 channel version of a 4 channel installation (2011) CAM St. Louis

Concentric Circles (before and after David Smith) Mvmt I for 3 lock-groove lacquers and string trio (2010) LACMA

Fewg  Flash Bam Pow Music from the Trip (1967) in the style of…(2009)  SASSAS Program PDF * **

Inversion I (retrograde) Excerpt Inversion I (retrograde) for Dennis Wilson (2010) Blum and Poe* **

Blak Bloc I Excerpt  Blak Bloc II Excerpt BLAK BLOC FOR STRING QUARTET AND FEEDBACK (2009)* **

Nativity Electronique Coda from Day is Done- Original Soundtrack by Mike Kelley and Scott Benzel (2005)*

*full album available on iTunes ** full album available on Spotify 

Human Resources Los Angeles April / May 2013

20130515_SB_HumanRes_031 20130515_SB_HumanRes_032 20130515_SB_HumanRes_029 20130515_SB_HumanRes_017 20130515_SB_HumanRes_023 20130515_SB_HumanRes_022
PianoCUSBWeb HRWidePianoJW
Spectrum (installation audio excerpt), (2013) Human Resources
20130515_SB_HumanRes_010 20130515_SB_HumanRes_009 20130515_SB_HumanRes_008 20130515_SB_HumanRes_007

Human Resources presents Scott Benzel and What does possession mean to you? Opening and Performances Saturday April 27 7-10PM

Shows Close Saturday May 18

Artforum Must See Show


Object index pdf


Human Resources is pleased to present two concurrent shows by Scott Benzel. The downstairs space will feature a show of the artist’s recent work including large-scale installations, vitrines containing new works, and performances. The upstairs will feature What does Possession Mean to You? a selection of works and objects from Benzel’s collection to be deaccessioned, stored, or promised to individuals and institutions following the close of the show.


A new performance, Un Coup de Des / Presence, and a ‘recombination’ of Benzel’s Folk History and Non-Genre I for Female Black Metal Guitarist and Belt Sanders (2012), will take place during the opening Saturday April 27 from 7-10 pm.


Scott Benzel is a Los Angeles-based artist and composer. His work was featured in Made in LA 2012 at the Hammer Museum and has been shown or performed at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum Of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, LAXART, and the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. This is his second solo show at Human Resources.

Human Resources is a team of creative individuals which seeks to broaden engagement with contemporary and conceptual art, with an emphasis on performative and underexposed modes of expression.

W.W.A.R./ Die Dritte Generation at ALAC

Photographs Jennie Warren iPhone photographs by Cindy Bernard and Scott Marvel Cassidy

Scott Benzel: W.W.A.R./ Die Dritte Generation

Program PDF

Review by Sam Bloch PDF

4pm, Saturday Jan. 26 ALAC Ruskin Theatre Santa Monica Airport

Art Los Angeles Contemporary presents the debut of Scott Benzel W.W.A.R. / Die Dritte Generation for belt sanders, amplified newton’s cradles, bass speakers, glass, magnetic tape,viola, violin,  and voice.
Taking as starting points Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Die Dritte Generation and Arthur Schopenhauer’s The World as Will and Representation, Benzel’s ‘performative environment’ features performers installing and then acting upon various musical and visual constructions (some repurposed from previous performances) including a belt sander racetrack, amplified newton’s cradles, a coffee table supported by bass speakers, and a long magnetic tape loop.


Contribution to An Homage to Mike Kelley, MOMA PS1, MOCA

An Homage to Mike Kelley presented by Gagosian Gallery

 also LA Art Book Fair, MOCA

List of Contributors

Index of Works

A Minor Canon, contribution to An Homage to Mike Kelley:

The Psychotronic Video Guide To Film

by Michael J. Weldon


by Comte De Lautreamont

The Sad Sack (Classics of Modern American Humor Series)

by George Baker

Harry Partch: Enclosure 3

by Harry Partch, Philip Blackburn

The four seasons and the archangels: experience of the course of the year in four cosmic imaginations;: Five lectures given in Dornach, Switzerland, from 5th to 13th October 1923

by Rudolf Steiner

The Center of the Cyclone: An Autobiography of Inner Space

by John Cunningham Lilly

Japrocksampler: How the Post-War Japanese Blew Their Minds on Rock ‘n’ Roll

by Julian Cope

A Power Stronger Than Itself: The AACM and American Experimental Music

by George E. Lewis

The All-American Outhouse: Stories, Design & Construction

by Bob Cary

Reich Speaks of Freud : Wilhelm Reich Discusses His Work and His Relationship with Sigmund Freud

by Wilhelm Reich; Higgins, Mary; Raphael, Chester M.; Pol, Therese Reich

Doris Day

by Eric Braun

Psychedelic Art

by R.E.L. Masters, J. Houston

Text–Sound Texts

by Allen Ginsberg, John Cage, Philip Glass,Claes Oldenburg, Jack Kerouac, Richard Kostelanetz (Editor)

The Gertrude Stein Reader: The Great American Pioneer of Avant-Garde Letters

by Gertrude Stein, Richard Kostelanetz (Editor)

H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life

by Michel Houellebecq

The Psychoanalysis of Children (The Writings of Melanie Klein, Vol. 2)

by Melanie Klein, H. A. Thorner (Editor), Alix Strachey(Translator)

Spirit World

by Jack Kirby

Psychic Photography: Threshold of a New Science?

by Hans Holzer

Detroit Television (Images of America)

by Tim Kiska , Ed Golick


by Rudolf Steiner



The Academy/The Chthonic at Eleusis at Public Fiction

The Academy/The Chthonic at Eleusis one person show at Public Fiction  September 21

With a live performance by Ezra Buchla

& a tape-loop by Scott Benzel:

Sines for Michael Asher 2-channel loop 15 ips – 7 ips- performed by Allison Wyper and Jos McKain

This stage of sorts will host a series of performances & events. Including:

A set of dinners by Liz Glynn on October 12th &13th.

A|D, a meal in five acts by Liz GlynnMusic orchestrated by Scott Benzel, performed by Corey Fogel and Giles Miller.As part of Scott Benzel’s current exhibition The Academy / The Chthonic at Eleusis

“…most important of all is the structure of the incidents.
For Tragedy is an imitation, not of men, but of an action and of life,
and life consists in action, and its end is a mode of action, not a quality.”


A|D with Liz Glynn, The Academy/The Chthonic at Eleusis at Public Fiction

A|D, a meal in five acts by Liz Glynn
Music orchestrated by Scott Benzel, performed by Scott Benzel, Corey Fogel, and Giles Miller.
As part of Scott Benzel’s current exhibition The Academy / The Chthonic at Eleusis
“…most important of all is the structure of the incidents.
For Tragedy is an imitation, not of men, but of an action and of life,
and life consists in action, and its end is a mode of action, not a quality.”

The Academy/The Chthonic at Eleusis one person show at Public Fiction opens September 21

With a live performance by Ezra Buchla
& a tape-loop by Scott Benzel:
Sines for Michael Asher 2-channel loop 15 ips – 7 ips- performed by Allison Wyper and Jos McKain

This stage of sorts will host a series of performances & events. Including:

A set of dinners by Liz Glynn on October 12th &13th.

Tape Music at the Schindler House

Tape Music at the Schindler HouseMAK Center, Los Angeles, featuring William Basinski, John Wiese, Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley, Pauline Oliveros, Cortical Foundation curated by Scott Benzel August 25, presented by SASSAS


(Threnody) a beginner’s guide to Mao Tse Tung at Hammer Museum

Tape Music @ Schindler House, Venice Beach Biennial, Made in L.A., CCS Bard, Ballroom Marfa



Download ipad/iphone Catalog in epub format, control click and save

Essay by Michael Haight pdf



Recombinant Folk History and Non-Genre I for Belt Sanders and Female Black Metal Guitarist, a performance/musical work at Black Box, curated by Liz Glynn Jan. 20, 2012 part of Pacific Standard Time, organized by LA><ART



L.A. Weekly


After Funhouse in the Style of the penultimate sequence of The Lady from Shanghai (1947) for 3 voices, rock trio, and saxophone

Greystone Manor, Beverly Hills, Sat. Jan. 28th

L.A. Times Review


Chinashop Magazine


John Cage Variations IV, realized by Scott Benzel and Dave Muller

January 29, 2012 Welcome Inn. Eagle Rock

Seven Los Angeles Artists

Seven Los Angeles Artists Index.pdf Seven Los Angeles Artists Essay.pdf Sublimated Los Angeles.pdf

Kathryn Andrews, Anonymous, Anonymous, Erin Cosgrove, Mark Hagen, Mike Kelley, Rodney McMillian, curated by Scott Benzel at Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Oct. 15-Dec.17 2011

Two Installations at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis: Front Room: 2 4-channel Sound Installations by Scott Benzel

String Quartet No. 2, 4-channel sound installation, string quartet; Sines for Michael Asher, 4-channel sound installation, sine wave generators


Sines (for Michael Asher) Excerpt. mp3 2 channel version of a 4 channel sound installation

Scott Benzel Web Guide pdf

Maldistribution @ Human Resources at Cottage Home


Trespass/Parade: http://trespassparade.org/ presented by West of Rome, part of Pacific Standard Time, Oct. 2,1

Variations for Commercial Arcade (Gamut I-XXI), Cassia Streb, viola

Joy Prowl, Slogan for Trespass/Parade

Pig Rococo, Slogan for Trespass/Parade

Endless Bummer/Surf Elsewhere

Blum and Poe July 3 – August 28, 2010

Billy Al Bengston, Justin Beal, Scott Benzel, Gil Blank, Jennifer Bornstein, Carol Bove, Cameron, Anne Collier, R. Crumb, Lucy Dodd, Sam Durant, Roe Ethridge, Amy Granat, Ed Kienholz, Margaret Kilgallen, Nate Lowman, John McCracken, Adam McEwen, Dave Muller, Aleksandra Mir, Catherine Opie, Raymond Pettibon, Richard Phillips, Amanda Ross-Ho, Sterling Ruby, Ed Ruscha, Reena Spaulings, Vincent Szarek, Guyton \ Walker and Christopher Williams With a video program by Drew Heitzler and a ‘zine with text by Jan Tumlir