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Octopusnotes, Oct 2015

Octopusnotes Interview by Naoki Sutter-Shudo pdf


East of Borneo Feature, by Steffie Nelson

Blouin Artinfo Feature

Modern Painters Feature by Michael Slenske

Scott Benzel-Part-Objects book, pdf 77.3 MB

Scott Benzel Part-Objects, 2014, Texts by Eric Kim and Catherine Taft.

Designed by Hailey Loman. Published by Human Resources Press and Lockitch Press


Limited edition hardcover with cloth binding. Available for online purchase at: Art Metropole

ArtInfo Artist’s Choice Best Shows of 2014


Maccarone New York, 2014

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Modern Painters

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"Scott Benzel Inverted Capitol Spire, steel, cotton, 2014"

Various Small Fires Los Angeles, Inverted Capitol Spire: Programmatic Architecture Displacement #5, steel, cotton, 2014

W magazine

Split Choral Kathryn Andrews and Scott Benzel

Split Chorale for  Viljo Revell, with Kathryn Andrews

Nuit Blanche Toronto October 4, 2014, Toronto City Hall

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Aran Cravey Los Angeles

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