Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXIV-XXV: Papers from the by Samira Farwaneh, Hamid Ouali

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By Samira Farwaneh, Hamid Ouali

This quantity presents very important contributions to Arabic linguistics and Linguistic learn typically by way of proposing new empirical evidence and leading edge theoretical analyses. It involves significant elements: the 1st comprises 4 papers on phonology and morphology, such a lot of which care for phonology/morphology interface, whereas the second one half comprises 5 papers on syntax. The papers featured signify many of the present developments in Arabic Linguistics specially within the parts of Phonology and Syntax. a few of the articles are contributions to ongoing debates at the nature and homes of particular points of Arabic, similar to: gemination and tension project in Phonology, and negation in Syntax. different papers introduce new issues equivalent to: interpreting intonational styles in Arabic Phonology, investigating the resource of the morpheme /-in/ within the much less studied forms of imperative Asian Arabic in Morphology, and interpreting “sluicing” in Syntax.

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Makkan Arabic is a trochaic language, which does not allow degenerate feet (already established above), a Light Heavy syllable sequence must be parsed as L(‘H). This means that the weight-to-stress-principle (wsp), given in (46), is ranked higher than parse-syllable. (46) weight-to-stress-principle (wsp)  (Prince and Smolensky 1993, based on Prince 1990) Heavy syllables are prominent both on the grid and foot structure. (47) wsp » parse-syllable Since it is more important to stress a heavy syllable than to achieve exhaustive parsing of syllables, then the ranking in (47) holds allowing output (48b) to emerge as the winner.

Darás-u ‘his remorse’ vs. ‘he studied it’, respectively (Adra 1999). 7 In these cases, /-át/ ‘she’ is lexically stressed, and always surfaces as such, irrespective of what the weights of the other syllables are, except if it occurs in word-final position. The examples in (61a) illustrate lexical stress of /-át/. In contrast, the feminine marker occurring with nominals does not exhibit any exceptional stress as exemplified by the examples in (61b). Stress assignment in these patterns is clearly transparent – following the general stress rules of the language.

5) The patterns in 2-syllable word a. tab) b. (H) (‘H) (naa) (díi) c. la) d. L(‘H) ga(síir) ‘he wrote’ ‘his club’ ‘a living room’ ‘short (m)’ As far as trisyllabic words are concerned they exhibit the following stress generalizations: stress the rightmost heavy syllable, else stress the antepenultimate syllable. (6) Patterns of 3-syllable words a. Patterns b. náat Gloss ‘a fish’ ‘they traveled’ ‘a mattress’ ‘good deeds’ Stress in 4-syllable words is governed by the trisyllabic window restriction making only the last three syllables eligible for stress.

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