Peptide Nucleic Acids: Methods and Protocols by Peter E. Nielsen (auth.), Peter E. Nielsen (eds.)

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By Peter E. Nielsen (auth.), Peter E. Nielsen (eds.)

Peptide nucleic acid (PNA) know-how keeps to develop in value all through molecular biology, genetic diagnostics, and molecular medication. In Peptide Nucleic Acids: tools and Protocols, Peter Eigil Nielsen has assembled a significantly evaluated number of PNA protocols which are both already good confirmed worldwide, similar to PCR-clamping and in situ hybridization, or that reveal promise of important destiny influence. easy tools for PNA oligomer synthesis and research have additionally been integrated. Written by means of specialists with hands-on adventure within the tools they describe, those quite simply reproducible protocols include certain step by step directions, tips about averting pitfalls and on extending the tactic to different occasions, and introductory fabric explaining the idea in the back of the method.
updated and hugely functional, Peptide Nucleic Acids: tools and Protocols offers for either beginner and skilled researchers a radical and straightforward advent to the optimum use of contemporary PNA expertise throughout a wide selection of fields, together with molecular biology, medicinal chemistry, genetic diagnostics, and drug development.

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Nucleic Acids Res. 26, 4910–4916. 18. , Carpaneto, E. , et al. (2000) Effects in live cells of a c-myc anti-gene PNA linked to a nuclear localization signal. Nature Biotechnol. 18, 300–303. 19. , Awasthi, S. , and Nielsen, P. E. (2001) Bactericidal antisense effects of peptide-PNA conjugates. Nature Biotechnol. 19, 360–364. 52 Awasthi and Nielsen 20. , Petersen, K. , Hansen, H. , et al. (1995) Solid-phase synthesis of peptide nucleic acids. J. Pept. Sci. 1, 185–183. 21. , Nielsen, P. , and Dahl, O.

5. Automated Boc/Cbz PNA synthesis as described by Koch et al. (4). 14. N-((N6-Benzyloxycarbonyl)adenin-9-yl-acetyl)-N-(2-Boc-aminoethyl)glycine (Boc-PNA-A(Cbz) monomer) (+ 97%). 15. N-((N4-Benzyloxycarbonyl)cytosin-1-yl-acetyl)-N-(2-Boc-aminoethyl)glycine (Boc-PNA-C(Cbz) monomer) (+ 97%) 16. N-((N2-Benzyloxycarbonyl)guanine-9-yl-acetyl)-N-(2-Boc-aminoethyl)glycine (Boc-PNA-G(Cbz) monomer) (+ 97%). 17. N-(2-Boc-aminoethyl)-N-(thymin-1-yl-acetyl)glycine (Boc-PNA-T monomer) (+ 97%). 18. Solutions: see Table 1.

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