Patrologia Orientalis Tomus Sextus by R.Graffin-F.Nau

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By R.Graffin-F.Nau

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Want without you hymn foro know that, if you wish to find whatever which are dispersed through the body trouble, you must read the head-lines of the book (xs^scTvatx) in given above, and note their superscriptions as placed before each of them; and you will easily find that which you want by taking the superscription or number in the numerals of ink placed at the head of each of them, and looking in the body of the book and 1. li n-/oixQ'K — 1. The senlence would nin beltei- if lliese words were omilled.

XLVi. OX TUE XATIVITY. irU"n n"-f ) N^ « . üj. vthe said, « and savetb XIII |o, (sic) i_»|o . |1> . i. ; bv becoming This it « the is ' : tnihj Lamb wliom let of God « God hath our race was 1. n Mattli. p t^oL iSiCI |i>;o pi

1^ m v> ,]J « KXPLANATORY NOTE. )V-*o)-» 1-»^»^? '^»1 ^. 1. '^Ä-i^ ^io ^—ici^JiM B v^oAm. — 2. JJ»©! JLiiiO; JlacL^ jJ;; nntc' I thc desirous [that he as to pl. ol" 3. £Q^^ . fltt::jo. sf iiltcred al niijhl. « Clanj tu Cml in tlie licnjlils ». lxix) of thr lii/mns irliich are (jiuen above. weak and what must — — K_iCLA»; )_*-^s^o is first heg anyone who is good and desirous of learning who reads this book sinful, who liave made this index, believe that he is" not to regard the matter of the lines of the hyrans of the holy Severus which are here set superfluous and unworthy of attention and examination first down as something : for all the hymns many words and at You must therefüll length are here compressed into a small compass.

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