Panzer III at War 1939-1945 (Images of War) by Paul Thomas

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By Paul Thomas

With complete captions and textual content, this magnificent booklet is the newest within the bestselling photographs of conflict sequence and the second one installment of the Authors pictorial historical past of the German Panzers within the moment international battle. The Panzer III observed virtually non-stop motion from the annexation of Czechoslakia, the invasion of Poland after which France and the Low nations, in North Africa, Italy, the japanese entrance and, ultimately, the retreat again into Germany.

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7cm dummy gun. Note the pistol port which has replaced the ball machine-gun mount on the front plate. Kpfw III can be seen advancing through a relatively deserted town. The Balkan campaign comprised the German and Italian invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece. Kpfw III, taken during the last days of the Balkan campaign in the early summer of 1941. Three officers can be seen observing the damage to the tank which has obviously been knocked out of action by a British anti-tank shell. The crew has bailed out, fearing a fire or, worse, an internal explosion.

An armoured division was made up of 345 heavy and medium tanks and a light division was half that amount. It was these armoured machines that were going to lead the first lightning strikes into Poland. Note the white cross painted above the tactical number on the turret for ground and aerial recognition. During operations in Poland an unidentified German unit can be seen halted in a field. Kpfw III Ausf. C. The distinctive white cross can clearly be seen to distinguish between friend and foe, especially regarding aerial attack.

Kpfw IVs. Kpfw III near Roslavl drives along a dusty road at speed during summer operations on the Eastern Front. Note the letter ‘G’ painted either in yellow or white on the front of the tank, indicating that it belongs to Guderian’s Panzergruppe. The Russians tried desperately to hold on to the town of Roslavl, but under direct attack by seven fresh German infantry divisions, the defence soon crumbled away. Around the town a pocket soon began to form with Germans bringing up greater artillery concentration, while Red Army troops feebly tried to break out.

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