Outcast 10 by Robert Kirkman

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By Robert Kirkman

A weak point uncovered.

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C1000. Swa doð wudufuglas; þeah hi wel sien, tela atemede, gif hi on treowum weorðað holte tomiddes, hræðe bioð forsewene heora lareowas, þe hi lange ær (c970. And þa he on þa ceastre becom Libie, he þa sona axode hwæt hyt soðes wære, (c1075. Gif ðu weorðest on wege rihtum up to ðæm earde, […] ðonne wilt þu secgan and sona cweðan: ðis is eallunga min agen cyð, eard and eðel.  (c970. Se becom on wege to Prisce þam hæþnan gerefan þær he deofolgeldum geald.  (c1000. ” In addition to this similar use with locational complements, becuman had developed an intransitive sense ‘happen, occur’ (possibly independently of weorðan), and a related construction with a dative object, meaning ‘befall, happen to’.

25) Gemun ðu min Drihten. þonne ðu mihtig becymst.  (c1000. ” These examples indicate that the OE data we have available are at least misleading. One plausible explanation is that the OE manuscripts are all very conservative in nature, refusing to pick up the new development occurring with a verb such . This example is not derived from the present sample, but from WS material. Old English weorðan and its replacement in Middle English as becuman, and trying to copy the Alfredian model of ‘good’ Anglo-Saxon (see Milroy 1996: 167 & McWhorter 2002).

C1000. ” (D) Copula + adjectival phrase (ap) construction (assignment of property to a subject; ‘get, become’) (4) For þinum wundrum forhte weorðað.  (c970. ” (E) Copula + noun phrase (np) construction (assignment of a class to a subject) (5) Ond binnan III gearum heo wearð þæs minstres abbud.  (c1025. , Copula + participle (pple) of intransitive verb; assignment of a resulting state to a subject) (6) Se hreofla, þe hym ær lange on wæs, wearð þa sona nyðer afeallen.  (c1075. 7) “The leprosy, which formerly had been long on him, had then immediately fallen off [lit.

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