Oppian, Colluthus, Tryphiodorus (Loeb Classical Library No. by Oppian, Colluthus, Tryphiodorus, A. W. Mair

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By Oppian, Colluthus, Tryphiodorus, A. W. Mair

Oppian of Cilicia flourished within the latter 1/2 the second century, and committed his Fishing (in 5 books) to Antoninus, possibly Marcus Aurelius. It offers with the behavior and features of fish in addition to giving directions for fishing: if now not precisely poetical, it encompasses a good deal of curious details. The Chase, devoted to Caracalla, is an inferior composition and should also be the paintings of a Syrian imitator. the 1st e-book provides an appreciation of the huntsman's horses and hounds, the 3 last being dedicated to the looking of untamed animals, from the lion to the hare. This version is provided with large zoological and ichthyological notes.

This quantity additionally contains the extant paintings of 2 epic poets of Egypt who wrote within the moment half the fifth century lower than the effect of Nonnus. The Rape of Helen of Colluthus in 394 strains is a delightful account of the Judgement of Paris and Helen's elopement with him; Tryphiodorus (papyri demonstrate the proper spelling to be Triphiodorus) bargains with The Taking of Troy in 691 strains, starting with the wood Horse and finishing with the sacrifice of Polyxena.

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Et irept e^rjKOvd' rjfiepas. CJ. Ovid, Hal. Ac nunquam aestivo conspectus sidere glaucus; Plin. ix. 58 quidam rursus aestus impatientia mediis xxxii. ferv'oribus sexagenis diebus latent, ut glaucus glaucum aestate nunquam 153 (tradit) (Ovidius) apparere. (4) A. 607 b 27 ofioioi 8k kvovtes Kal fir) 117 ; . . e. a few fishes are whether with spawn or not], C. 113 ohjV iii. rcKewv K0fii8rjv fjuev same condition (5) 0pp. in the olov yAav/cos. €vt KV/iaiTi ScA

Xxxii. 146 Cinaedi no doubt intended in Hesych. For the other names cf. Apollodorus of Athens (b. circ. 180 piscium lutei, and is KtvaovtSfs (sic)' lxdv<;. Athen. 281 e. " KaTa-n-vyoTepav t are a species of fish, yellowish (Kt/DpoeiSeis) as a whole but purplish It is said that they are taken in couples, in parts. one following in the rear of the other. e. KaraTruyoves]. ^ Also I Epicharmus, ev "H^as yct/xw-- /xres dX(fir)(TTai tc Kopa- T€ KoptoeiSees cf. Eustath. Hom. //. xviii. p. 11 66. 42; Athen.

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