On translating the ''Iliad'' in English by Robert Lawrence Scott

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By Robert Lawrence Scott

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Isocrates, Volume I: To Demonicus, To Nicocles, Nicocles or The Cyprians, Panegyricus, To Philip, and Archidamus (Loeb Classical Library)

The significance of Isocrates for the research of Greek civilisation of the fourth century BCE is undeniable. From 403 to 393 he wrote speeches for Athenian legislation courts, after which grew to become a instructor of composition for would-be orators. After constructing a college of rhetoric in Chios he back to Athens and verified there a loose college of 'philosophia' regarding a realistic schooling of the complete brain, personality, judgment, and mastery of language.


This can be the 1st quantity of gathered papers to be dedicated to the paintings of Philostratus, the nice essayist, biographer and historian of Greek tradition within the Roman global, and the main scintillating author of Greek prose within the 3rd century advert. The papers disguise his extraordinary variety, from hagiographic fiction to ancient discussion, from pictorial description to like letters, and from prescriptions for gymnastics to the lives of the Sophists.

Themistius : on Aristotle On the soul

Themistius ran his philosophical institution in Constantinople in the course of the fourth century A. D. His paraphrases of Aristotle's writings are in contrast to the frilly commentaries produced through Alexander of Aphrodisias, or the later Neoplatonists Simplicius and Philoponus. His objective was once to supply a transparent and autonomous restatement of Aristotle's textual content which might be obtainable as an undemanding exegesis.

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And while there is no direct correspondence of diction between this line and anything in "Casey," terms such as "groans" and "rang" and the phrase "the mighty warrior fell" are the sort of thing one might expect to find there. If, for whatever reason, one were to write a parody of the Iliad in the style of Casey, one could effectively use whole lines such as this one. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. 51 line, "in the groin's extremest portions" is unclear, mainly because "extremest" lacks direction.

9 Dryden's version, at this point, says Wilson, is "vigorous" (17). Pope's version is "very fine. It flows 9It is not my intention here to enter the fray over the question of what is or is not good poetry, but only to demonstrate that Wilson looked for it in any translation of Homer. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. 26 freely, and has few faults, except that it is somewhat too figurative" (18). &av8€v" (18). Wilson thought that a good translation should follow Homer in every possible way, not just in literal meaning.

45 equivalent of a balladeer, and that the Iliad as we know it is a collection of songs, or ballads--and so it ought to be rendered as such. Scholarship has since moved on, and so have the modes of translation. as the ideas behind it. The medium seems as outdated But if written well and read appropriately, this meter can be a valid and exciting medium for translating Homer. Though we should not expect to see any new versions of the Iliad in this meter anytime soon, the versions from the nineteenth century need not be ignored completely.

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