Novel aspects of the biology of Chrysomelidae by Jorge A. Santiago-Blay (auth.), P. H. Jolivet, M. L. Cox, E.

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By Jorge A. Santiago-Blay (auth.), P. H. Jolivet, M. L. Cox, E. Petitpierre (eds.)

Chrysomelidae, in addition to Curculionidae and Bruchidae, are crucial phytophagous Coleoptera. no less than 37,000 species of leaf beetles belonging to 19 subfamilies have now been defined, and extra most likely stay to be found, particularly within the tropics. Many species are generic agricultural pests. The Colorado potato beetle, the cereal beetle, flea beetle and the corn root worms are yet some of the renowned pests. end result of the financial value and organic range, chrysomelids are an incredible taxonomic staff for clinical inquiry.
This publication is split into 8 components, entitled palaeontology, larvae and larval biology, trophic choice, genetics and evolution defence mechanisms, anatomy and replica, pathogens and traditional enemies, and basic experiences in biology. The biologies of agricultural and forestry pests, Leptinotarsa, Plagiodera, Entomoscelis, Paropsis, Mecistomela and Aspidomorpha are handled intimately. Others, akin to Timarcha and people within the poorly identified Megalopodinae, are coated partially VIII. during this quantity the yankee, eu, Asian and Australian fauna occupy the best part.
This quantity, including Biology of Chrysomelidae (1988), offers a complete insurance and is helping to accomplish the image of chrysomelid biology.

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Aeuatiea) Quaternary West Cumberland, England; widespread in Findland; Schonen, Sweden; Denmark and southern Sweden (=? D. dentipes Fabricius): Henriksen, 1933; Kurck, 1917; Pearson, 1962 Poppius, 1911 D. aequalis Say Quaternary lnnerkip, Ontario, Canada Quaternary Entomology Laboratory, University of Waterloo Canada; Pilny and Morgan, 1987 D. bidens Olivier Quaternary Schonen, Sweden Kurek. 1917 D. bieolor Zschach, 1788 (Fig. 41) (also as D. bieolora) Holocene West Cumberland, England; Belorussia.

Quercetorum) Quaternary A. renovata Wickham, 1914 (as Haltica renovata) (Figs. 199, 205) Miocene Florissant, Colorado, USA type at MCZ 2635=Scudder Coli. 7296, probably other specimens are MCZ 2636, 2637 = Scudder Coli. 3507, 7736, respectively; Wickham, 1920 Altica spp. , 1992; Spahr, 1981b; Apthona coerulera Payskull Quaternary A. puncticollis Piton, 1939 (Fig. 2(0) (homonym with A. puncticollis Allard, 1866) Pliocene Denmark Sweden and southern West Cumberland, England Chambon, DOme, France Lac Puy-

168) Eocene Geiseltal, Germany type, G 55/118, other specimens 55/119, 55/120, Sammlung des Geologisch-Paliiontologischen Instituts der Universitiit Halle, Germany Galeruca buchi Heer, 1872 (as G. buchU) (Fig. 169) Tertiary Lake Oeningen, Switzerland Heer, 1876, 1883a,b D. bowditchiana Wickham, (Figs. 163, 189) 1914b Coli. Coli. G. gemmifera (as Galleruca) not found not found Heer, 1883a, b G. (Adimonia) tanaceti Linne Quaternary West Cumberland, England; La Taphanel, Massif Central, France; Denmark and southern Sweden Henriksen, 1933; Pearson, 1962; Polne and Co ope, 1990 G.

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