Norma ANSI IEEE Std 539 1979 An American National Standard

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Read or Download Norma ANSI IEEE Std 539 1979 An American National Standard IEEE Standard Definitions of Terms Relating to Overhead-Power-Line Corona and Radio N PDF

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Ln ordcr for the radio sigrulto gct iiom the CB to an antenna,you need somekind of wire to connect the two together. Usually a specialkind of twoconductor whe is used, called coax ('(oft-axe,l'rom coaxial). This specialwile is madeup of an inner wire coveredwith a plastic sheath,and an ouler wire mesh lead that in turn is coveredby a black outer covering. Now there are seveml types af coax, but only two kinds are much goodlbrCB RG58/U and RG 8/U coax. Unlessyou'rerumring1000watts i[ your mobile, RG 58/U will work filc.

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