New York Hardcore Book by David Koenig

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By David Koenig

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It was the “thing” to do at the time and Jeff wanted a lot of people behind the band for effect. Not that they needed it. This was one of the early Breakdown shows with the classic demo line up. This show sealed their popularity. I felt bad for Canada’s Problem Children, they were totally out of place on the bill, overshadowed by 3 huge NYC bands and California’s Adolescents. Richie was also back in Underdog, after leaving Youth of Today. 10/18/87 Youth of Today, Side By Side, Gorilla Biscuits, Pagan Babies This was the infamous “Shutdown” show at CBGB’s.

I walked out dejected; totally devastated. I wasn't going to miss this fucking show. See when you stood outside of CB's it was very clear what you group you belonged to. You had the Straight Edge kids, the City kids and the Skinheads. There was very little intermingling except when someone either got hurt or was barred from entering due to getting busted at the door. Within minutes kids had donated new clothes, hats and id's. After 30 minutes of study I went back on line with a new sweatshirt, hat pulled down and id.

I remember staring the place down and really trying to soak in the history. Marc Weiner: My first show there was the Hawker show, as mentioned above. I do remember hanging out in front of CBs either before the show or between bands and being intimidated and staying pretty close to the friend who I had gone with and who had been there before. At that point, the bands playing blew me away but I was still a little uncomfortable with the crowd. As I went to more shows and become more comfortable with the surroundings and the people the fact that you could hang out outside between bands became a big plus.

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