Naming Theatre: Demonstrative Diagnosis in Performance by James Frieze (auth.)

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By James Frieze (auth.)

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The 5-Minute Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Consult (The 5-Minute Consult Series)

This pocket-sized publication is the 1st osteopathic scientific guide to be geared up by means of diagnoses in a two-page, quick-reference structure. within the culture of The 5-Minute seek advice sequence, every one analysis is gifted on a two-page unfold. the 1st web page has a definition of the affliction, an inventory of linked autonomic and motor innervations, and an inventory of universal somatic dysfunctions.

Vital Signs and Resuscitation (Vademecum)

Chicago scientific tuition, IL. Pocket-sized textual content offers the techniques for taking actual very important symptoms. offers an old review and covers such important symptoms as temperature, center price, breathing, blood strain, and point of awareness. For nurses, citizens and physicians. Wire-spiral binding.

Nail Disorders: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Management

This ebook is designed to fulfill the necessity for a concise, easy-to-read textual content on tips to process and deal with sufferers with nail ailments. The ebook opens with an outline of nail anatomy and body structure, by means of a evaluate of nail signs, divided in response to the a part of the nail equipment concerned. Non-invasive and invasive instruments for the analysis of nail problems are then defined and insights supplied into their applicable use.

The Antigens. Volume III

The Antigens, quantity III is a complete treatise overlaying all elements of antigens, together with their chemistry and biology in addition to their immunologic position and expression. issues lined diversity from microbial polysaccharides and lymphocytic receptors for antigens to antigenic determinants and antibody-combining websites.

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