My Desk is my Castle: Exploring Personalization Cultures

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The table is a spot of labor and of motion, however it additionally serves as a spot to convey own issues and personal tastes. therefore it usually characterizes in methods a cloth and symbolic team spirit. The table is not just very informative in itself, but additionally should always be studied and understood within the context of its cultural, gender-specific, and field-related atmosphere. the point of interest of this examine is a comparative research of using desks. Desks in insurance firms, banks, administrative specialists, name facilities, and layout studios in twelve nations on all continents have been studied. This e-book provides the consequences within the kind of large visible fabric, empirical analyses, and important essays. The learn was once performed by way of the Köln overseas tuition of layout (KISD) in collaboration with universities in Hong Kong; long island; Seoul; Taipei; Curitiba, Brazil; Pune, India; Auckland; Milan; and Fukuoka, Japan.

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E. mainly two-dimensional images. Collecting these items in one category seems justified, since they are the most common ones in general and are usually related to personal memories and relationships. ­ 47 The Clusters Milan, Administration, Female Health and Beauty Cosmetic and hygiene products, medication, tissues and similar items. Also considered in this group are related products such as small pocket mirrors and nail scissors . Life Accessories A collection of everything else that could be termed ‘evidence of life’.

In other words: this is a symbol of prestige. Moreover, the very precise distance that has to be maintained in the ceremonial bows between Japanese people might be completely cancelled out moments later, when the very same people find themselves in department stores, in the streets or on an underground train. ­ 61 Intercultural Comparison Fukuoka, Call Centre, Male Taipei, Design, Female Another Aspect of Plenitude and Emptiness The different cultural connotations in the perception of plenitude and emptiness also entail other aspects.

Using this approach, we were indeed able to solve a number of misunderstandings during the research. All research into intercultural commonalities and differences is subject to two potential criticisms: firstly, the claim that, within a globalised culture, differences would no longer exist and, secondly, that by focusing on cultural differences one would run the risk of defining specific national characters. As far as the first criticism is concerned, we would like to stress that one of the aims of this study (like that of other studies before that investigated similar themes from perspectives different to ours) was to highlight how, at least in the use of objects and products (sometimes even in the use of the same products, although they are surprisingly often culturally differentiated), cultural idiosyncrasies can generate different forms of action and design.

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