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Официальный рекламный проспект английской компании Сатра Моторс Лимитед (Satra vehicles Limited), эксклюзивного импортера автомобилей Москвич в Великобритании, посвященный автомобилям Автомобильного завода имени Ленинского комсомола (АЗЛК) Москвич-412, Москвич-427 и Москвич-434. В проспекте приводятся фотоснимки ранних выпусков автомобилей - с двухстворчатой задней дверью - т. н. американки.

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Evenko, on the other hand, did not like Kulil’s aristocratism... Kulii loved cleanliness around his tidy person; he loved order in things and time; his ear was like that of a maiden, nobody ever heard him use foul language. It would be possible to say that this was a meeting between the lowland Cossack from the Sich and a rich city Cossack. Indeed they were representatives of both parts of Cossackdom. evenko represented the Right-Bank Cossacks 180 GEORGE G. , symbolic, and not merely intellectual plane.

Ruo6bI! rIoJIHo BaM 3a niyro XOHTb, a HKTb B 3MJ1 CBOH KeJimIe ‘ie6omi, a rio6HpaTbcSi K IU4HKaM H ry6HTb cHMy pbiuapcxyi-o! aabi! p. 47 311 Bbl, IIHBHHKH, 6pOBapHHKH! noJrno BaM And we are told that just as Taras breaks up the pots and pans and bottles in his house and this, we remember, was precisely the universe of Afa nasij Ivanovi and Pulxerija Ivanovna Tovstogub, so the Cossacks, too, break the tools of their trade and heed the call. The Zaporozhian Sich at which they arrive is the epitome of the Cossack world.

183 1,134 702 Three Perspectives on the Cossack Past: Gogol’, Sevëenko, Ku1i GEORGE G. GRABOWICZ There is little doubt that the Cossack past animates Ukrainian Romanti cism and provides its most productive theme. ’ Beginning with the pre-Romantics, various writ ers-in Polish literature the so-called Ukrainian School, the Cossaco philes, the conservatives of the "St. Petersburg Coterie," and finally Slowacki, and in Russian literature the Decembrists above all Ryleev, Pukin, and Gogol’ himself-have turned to the events of the Ukrainian Cossack past not only to find a fascinating and colorful subject matter, but also to illustrate the turbulence of history, and, in fact, to better understand their own respective national past.

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