Morrow Project TM 1-1 (Morrow Industries Training Division) by Kevin Dockery, Robert Sadler, Richard Tucholka

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By Kevin Dockery, Robert Sadler, Richard Tucholka

3 colour circles on baige hide with black lettering. sixty six numbered pages.

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Then he was back, begging Roebuck for a half interest in the business, which was now called A. C. Roebuck. In August 1891, Sears’s share was increased to two-thirds. Richard Sears had begun issuing small catalogs when he owned the R. W. Sears Watch Company. He continued this practice with the Warren Company. The 1891 catalog of the A. C. Roebuck Company was thirtytwo pages long. Sewing machines were added to the line of merchandise. Sears wrote all the catalog copy himself. In September 1893, the name of the business was changed yet again.

50 JR replied: Julius Rosenwald 16 I almost fainted, Gussie darling, when I saw the ¤gures after that $ mark— in regard to Nettie’s cloak or cape. But your reasons, I must say, are not well founded when you ¤gure on being able to use it for full dress affairs. The few times that this occurs ought not, to my notion, be taken into consideration—as you shall wear a garment 50 times more for other purposes. I don’t object to your having it, I’m sure, but be certain before you buy it that it’s just what you want and not have cause to regret it afterwards, as was the case with your light jacket.

Regardless of who engineered it, Aaron’s departure did take place, and it was stormy. JR and Sears offered their partner $1 million for his share of Sears, Roebuck, which had cost him a mere $37,500 six years earlier. Just when JR and Sears believed that the deal was concluded, Aaron demanded $250,000 more. The remaining two partners were furious, but eventually they complied. By mid-May, Aaron had taken his money and departed, but he never forgave JR. Three years after his departure, Aaron was still brooding about Sears, Roebuck and hoping to return.

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