Morphology of Solo man (Anthropological papers of the by Franz Weidenreich

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By Franz Weidenreich

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They are, on the whole, surprisingly alike. The greatest difference between them is in the size. The greatest length varies from 221 mm. (Skull V) to 191 mm. (Skull VI); the "greatest breadth" (intercristal breadth) from 146 mm. (Skull VI) to 159 mm. (Skull X); and the great- 240 ANTHROPOLOGICAL PAPERS AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY Vol. 43 est height (basio-bregmatic) from 122 mm. (Skull VI) to 131 mm. (Skull V). ; and the average greatest height is 126 mm. 3. 6. This uniformity in the Solo skulls makes it possible to select the one that comes closest to the average as the standard form.

Nevertheany degree of accuracy. Estimating on the basis less, the fact that in six out of 11 individuals in of the thickness of the bones permits us to one population the sutures are completely fused place Skull VII next in age. Employing the is entirely contrary to the situation in modern same criteria, the sequence is completed by man. The percentage of coalescence of the suSkull IV, followed by Skull VIII. 5 per cent) will never be found among mainder of the series, which consists of adult modern men.

20f, 21), VII (P1. types close at the same age as they do in modern 25a-b), and VIII (P1. 25c-f), which are all man. However, I have shown in two earlier represented by fragments that demonstrate papers' the condition of the sutures of Pithethat the skulls broke apart along their sutures. canthropus and Sinanthropus suggests that they It can be concluded, therefore, that the indi- close much earlier in early hominids than in viduals must have died at an age when the su- modern man. In this regard early hominids retures had not yet begun to fuse.

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