Monuments and Mainstreets by Harris Stone

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By Harris Stone

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7-8. O. v. δυσχεραομός. 2 7 2 8 2 9 3 0 31 3 2 3 3 Philodemus On Frank 36 Fr. 15 Criticism και δ[ιά τί παυοαμένων έτι TO[V]C νμν[ου]ΰ μετ[α\β^εται τού[τοιο) 5 και δε w&c αυτοί) την ά[νακ]άκχεαν ένηνο- XOT[ac] επιδείξει; ουνελ[όν- τι δ' ειπείν οντω αι < χρήΰεται> παρρηύοοφοο άνηρ vpdc TOXIC φί- Xovc a>c "Bvimvpoc και Μη10 τρόδω[ροϋ 3 ΰμν[ον\ο cf. Ο. in app. crit. Ρ Γ . 16 μηδέ τότε δακνώμεθα μό­ νον, άλλα αν μέχρι ρενονταϋ 5 αντο{ύό\' καθα- έπιδείξωμεν * πείθειν α των [έρ-γ]ων, δε και δι­ άλλα μη μό­ νον δ[ιά το]ϋ λέ[^ει]ν, παρρ[ηάαν δτι την οπα]νίω€ ένη- νόχαα ¥ν.

77 (=78 N), "But to no one {of the students} is an equal error to be ascribed by those who are saving {them}, or at all events one of those that are through admonishment "; fr. 78 ( = 80 N), "For when each person reasons, it will happen that he knows things that are [worth] nothing but that the one who saves {others} < heals everyone... > "; col. " Note also the reference to the "only savior" in fr.

P-h, < i > c | word O. 6 airro Fr. 39 fi£npr)c0ai Ph. B rod d-} wpewec etvm fir) role] OrjlyovfiEPOLC O[L]OP 5 m- EIXVT&P ETTL

P'I-KTELP mi wapaemv- r)c TUP dyctdup, mi TTJC flEP aicxpbp TOV 0Epaw[e]iac fib- ETTE[X£L]P, coc oiib" ewi Trie TEXEUC 10 {ret POLC EKEIPOLC TOU EIPOU, CUfXOlTOC eatvmtc n evv- avTtk(x0dpec6m m[i HV TUP iocTpup EP dTTCtClP ^v[x]r)c 15 XPElCLPy Elti 8k TTJC fii) -KELpdcBotL [TT)C TOU coov 4 o[l)ov Ph. 6[\]oi> O. KELP 8 Thorn Text and Translation 53 Fr.

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