Molecular Modeling of Nucleic Acids by Neocles B. Leontis and John SantaLucia, Jr. (Eds.)

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By Neocles B. Leontis and John SantaLucia, Jr. (Eds.)

content material: The energetics of nucleotide ionization in water-counterion environments / Harshica Fernando, Nancy S. Kim, George A. Papadantonakis, and Pierre R. LeBreton --
Parameterization and simulation of the actual homes of phosphorothioate nucleic acids / Kenneth E. Lind, Luke D. Sherlin, Venkatraman Mohan, Richard H. Griffey, and David M. Ferguson --
Crystallographic experiences of RNA inner loops / Stephen R. Holbrook --
Hydrogen-bonding styles saw within the base pairs of duplex oligonucleotides / William N. Hunter, Gordon A. Leonard, and Tom Brown --
constitution and balance of DNA containing inverted anomeric facilities and polarity reversals / James M. Aramini, Johan H. van de Sande, and Markus W. Germann --
Conformational research of nucleic acids : difficulties and ideas / Andrew N. Lane --
NMR constitution choice of a 28-nucleotide sign acceptance particle RNA with entire rest matrix equipment utilizing corrected nuclear Overhauser influence intensities / Peter Lukavsky, Todd M. Billeci, Thomas L. James, and Uli Schmitz --
Molecular modeling of DNA utilizing Raman and NMR facts, and the nuclease task of 1,10-phenanthroline-copper ion / W.L. Peticolas, M. Ghomi, A. Spassky, E.M. Evertsz, and T.S. Rush, III --
third-dimensional NOESY-NOESY hybrid-hybrid matrix refinement of a DNA three-way junction / Varatharasa Thiviyanthan, Nishantha Illangasekare, Elliott Gozansky, Frank Zhu, Neocles B. Leontis, Bruce A. Luxon, and David G. Gorenstein --
choice of structural ensembles from NMR information : conformational sampling and chance overview / Nikolai B. Ulyanov, Anwer Mujeeb, Alessandro Donati, Patrick Furrer, He Liu, Shauna Farr-Jones, David E. Konerding, Uli Schmitz, and Thomas L. James --
NMR experiences of the binding of an SPXX-containing peptide from high-molecular-weight simple nuclear proteins to an A-T wealthy DNA hairpin / Ning Zhou and Hans J. Vogel --
Thermodynamics of duplex formation and mismatch discrimination on photolithographically synthesized oligonucleotide arrays / Jonathan E. Forman, Ian D. Walton, David Stern, Richard P. Rava, and Mark O. Trulson --
RNA folding dynamics : computing device simulations through a genetic set of rules / A.P. Gultyaev, F.H.D. van Batenburg, and C.W.A. Pleij --
An up-to-date recursive set of rules for RNA secondary constitution prediction with more suitable thermodynamic parameters / David H. Mathews, Troy C. Andre, James Kim, Douglas H. Turner, and Michael Zuker --
Modeling of DNA through molecular dynamics simulation : constitution, bending, and conformational t[r]ansitions / D.L. Beveridge, M.A. younger, and D. Sprous --
Molecular dynamics simulations on nucleic acid structures utilizing the Cornell et al. strength box and particle mesh Ewald electrostatics / T.E. Cheatham, III, J.L. Miller, T.I. Spector, P. Cieplak, and P.A. Kollman --
Observations at the A as opposed to B equilibrium in molecular dynamics simulations of duplex DNA and RNA / Alexander D. MacKerell, Jr. --
Modeling duplex DNA oligonucleotides with converted pyrimidine bases / John Miller, Michael Cooney, Karol Miaskiewicz, and Roman Osman --
How the TATA field selects its protein accomplice / Nina Pastor, Leonardo Pardo, and Harel Weinstein --
RNA tectonics and modular modeling of RNA / Eric Westhof, Benoît Masquida, and Luc Jaeger --
Hairpin ribozyme constitution and dynamics / A.R. Banerjee, A. Berzal-Herranz, J. Bond, S. Butcher, J.A. Esteban, J.E. Heckman, B. Sargueil, N. Walter, and J.M. Burke --
Molecular modeling stories at the ribosome / Stephen C. Harvey, Margaret S. VanLoock, Thomas R. Rasterwood, and Robert K.-Z. Tan --
Modeling strange nucleic acid constructions / Thomas J. Macke and David A. Case --
computing device RNA third-dimensional modeling from low-resolution info and multiple-sequence info / François significant, Sébastien Lemieux, and Abdelmjid Ftouhi --
Comparative modeling of the third-dimensional constitution of sign popularity particle RNA / Christian Zwieb, Krishne Gowda, Niels Larsen, and Florian Müller.

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