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Sleek background in photographs: a visible consultant to the occasions that formed Our international explores those earth-shattering occasions as by no means earlier than, delivering designated perception into the century that has so keenly formed our personal smooth world.
Covering major happenings from world wide, decade by way of decade, in a special storyboard kind, modern pictures exhibit the unfolding tale, taking pictures the dramatic turning issues that experience led us to the place we're this day.

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Infantry and cavalry units charging over open ground were easy prey for machine guns and artillery. A new arms race began, this time a defensive one. Trenches developed from a simple line of cover, such as this outpost where German troops are sleeping, into extensive underground complexes where fighting men lived and died. Conditions were miserable—the trenches filled with mud, ice, and rats, and shells, snipers, and gas attacks could bring death at any moment. By the end of the war, new weapons such as tanks, and new tactics such as the creeping artillery barrage had evolved to break through defensive lines.

Fertilizers and pesticides to grow more “natural” produce. By the early 21st century, scientific management of food production had made basic nutrition cheaper and safer than ever before, but millions still lacked sufficient food. The challenge became balancing the needs of the hungry with sustainable food production, a problem that continues to provoke debate. The first essential component of social justice is adequate food for all mankind. AGRICULTURAL ACTIVIST NORMAN BORLAUG, 1970 1980s CONTAMINATED FOOD Contamination scares in the 1980s led to increased regulation in farming.

01/17/1912 A BITTER ARRIVAL Robert Scott and his four companions reached the South Pole only to discover that Amundsen had beaten them by 35 days. Exhausted and demoralized, they spent the next two days resting, after which they began the long trek back to their base camp on Ross Island. THE LAST DAYS The four explorers reached the foot of the glacier, but still faced a 400-mile (670-km) trek across the Ross Ice Shelf. Titus Oates, barely able to walk, voluntarily left the party and walked to his death on March 16, and on March 19 Robert Scott, Edward Wilson, and Henry Bowers were hit by a blizzard and forced to halt.

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