Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Performance Guide by Mark Friedman

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How much work each resource can process at its maximum level of utilization is defined as its capacity. The key measures of the time it takes to perform specific tasks are queue time, service time, and response time. The term latency is often used in an engineering context to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Performance Guide refer to either service time or response time. Response time will be used consistently here to refer to the sum of service time and queue time. In networks, another key measure is round trip time, which is the amount of time it takes to send a message and receive a confirmation message (called an Acknowledgement, or ACK for short) in reply.

The effect is that little or no queue time delay is associated with these devices. nf o. fr ee do w nl oa di One of the most effective methods used to tune performance is systematically to identify bottlenecked resources and then work to remove or relieve them. When the throughput of a particular system reaches its effective capacity limits, the system is said to be bottlenecked. The resource bottleneck is the component that is functioning at its capacity limit. The bottlenecked resource can also be understood as the resource with the fastest growing queue as the number of users increases.

NET requests even though Windows Server 2003 does not report the average response time of these applications directly. Preventing Bottlenecks With regular performance monitoring procedures, you will be able to identify devices with high utilizations that lead to long queues in which requests are delayed. These devices are bottlenecks throttling system performance. Intuitively, what can you do about a bottleneck once you discover one? Several forms of preventive medicine can usually be prescribed: 1.

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