Membrane Fusion in Fertilization, Cellular Transport, and by Felix Bronner (Eds.)

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By Felix Bronner (Eds.)

Meant for mobile, molecular and developmental biologists, biochemists, physiologists, neuroscientists, and microbiologists, this quantity discusses such themes because the function of GTP-binding proteins in sign transduction, and calcium pumps within the plasma and intracellular membranes,

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5-1 mM), Yanagimachi (198 I ) has been unable to confirm this in the hamster-. F. Cytochalasin According to Longo (1978), sea urchin eggs treated with cytochalasin B at concentrations of 1-10 pg/ml (2-20 p M ) are activated by spermatozoa but fail to incorporate sperm heads into the cytoplasm. It is reasonable to assume that sperm-egg fusion has taken place, but, because the cytoskeletal (actin) system has become disorganized, the fertilization cone has failed to form, so that the sperm head is not taken up (Vacquier, 197%).

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