Medical microbiology made memorable by Steven Myint; et al

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By Steven Myint; et al

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G. mitral valve prolapse • i. v. drug usage • prosthetic heart valve. Native valve endocarditis is distinguished from prosthetic valve endocarditis, which can be divided into early (occurring within 2 months of surgery) or late onset. 1). g. g. bronchoscopy) or surgery of the gastrointestinal or genitourinary tracts. Adherence of organisms is enhanced by the presence of fibrin-platelet deposits on damaged endothelium and by bacterial factors such as adhesins and fibronectin-binding proteins. The accumulation of fibrin, platelets and organisms forms vegetations that may interfere with valvular function or form emboli to distant organs.

It may be complicated by secondary bacterial pneumonia, typically due to Staphylococcus aureus. It may also be complicated by neurological disease: acute ' post-infectious' measles encephalitis, which is i mmune-mediated; subacute encephalitis occurring in immunocompromised patients; rarely, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) occurring 5-10 years after primary infection. In children, particularly those with protein malnutrition, measles remains a common cause of death in the developing world.

Diarrhoea is a natural response by the body to expel the pathogen and is usually due to infection within the small intestine. It does, however, also aid the spread of the organism and infection of others. Dysentery is an inflammatory disorder of the gastrointestinal tract associated with blood and pus in the faeces, fever and pain, usually resulting from infection of the large intestine. Enterocolitis is inflammation of both the small and large intestine. Bacterial infections are generally slow in onset, producing diarrhoea without vomiting that may last for a week or more.

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