Marcus Cornelius Fronto: Correspondence, I (Loeb Classical by Fronto, C. R. Haines

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By Fronto, C. R. Haines

The correspondence of Fronto--a a lot fashionable orator and rhetorician who was once befriended via the emperor Antoninus Pius and instructor of his followed sons Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus--offers a useful photo of aristocratic existence and literary tradition within the second century. His letters demonstrate Fronto's powerful stylistic perspectives and dislike of Stoicism in addition to his kinfolk joys and sorrows. They painting the successes and trials of a favorite determine within the palace, literary salons, the Senate, and lawcourts, and so they supply a desirable checklist of the connection among the most important instructor of his time and his illustrious pupil Marcus Aurelius, his leader correspondent. The Loeb Classical Library version of Fronto is in volumes.

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