Maltese by Azzopardi-Alexander, Marie; Borg, Albert

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By Azzopardi-Alexander, Marie; Borg, Albert

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Neg. neg. sg. sg. ' Kieku clause, having dment however, introducing the subordinate conditional clause as well as the main expresses a real condition (as in example (220)) which is however presented as a very remote possibility of fulfillment (to a greater degree than that in (221) with Ii): (224) Kieku jitla' s-shab, kieku taghmel ix-x ita. ' Against the same general background of this schema, we find pairs of clauses expressing the relationship 'x, but not y' ("concessive clauses"). In such cases, the subordinate clause is introduced by minkejja Ii, ghalkemm or allavoIja: (225) Allavolja tela' s-shab, (xorta) m'ghamlitx xita.

Sg. sg. sg. sg. ' 44 While it is impossible to have the coordinated result clause precede the other sentence in the pair, the subordinate result clauses in (227) and (228) can precede the main clause. In this case however, the subordinate result clause in (227) looses the subordinator Ii introducing it: (231) Ghajjiet hafna, tant (kemm) studjat. 1. Degree 1. 2sg. sg. more than work - 2sg. sg. sg. sg. sg. ' In sentences (233) to (235) the expression milli is omitted. However both izjed and inqas in the first clause are followed by rna, whereas in the second clause it is only inqas which is followed by rna.

Here too (Ii) kiel kemm felah is sentence-like and obligatorily follows the preposition wara. As sentential complement to an adverb: (175) Aktarx Ii se jsiefer dalwaqt probably sub. fut. sg. ' 31 As in the preceding cases, (Ii) se jsiefer daIwaqt is completely sentence-like and obligatorily follows the adverb aktarx it is complement to. 2. Are there different types of noun clauses? 5. , there are noun clauses differing from the ones described so far, in that the subordinator Ii either does not occur, or it is optional.

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