Lung Biology in Health & Disease Volume 120 by Jeffrey Drazen

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By Jeffrey Drazen

Five-Lipoxygenase items in bronchial asthma deals an authoritative exam of the biochemistry, easy pharmacology, and scientific pharmacology of the leukotrienes with detailed emphasis on their position in bronchial asthma. A serious reference for each bronchial asthma researcher and clinician, Five-Lipoxygenase items in bronchial asthma ·highlights brokers and items of the 5-LO pathway and its courting to different pathways ·explores the enzymology of the 5-LO pathway with specialize in leukotriene shipping, degradation, and excretion ·details the position of protein identity within the 5-LO pathway ·describes human telephone forms that produce leukotrienes and their activation ·outlines pharmacological and binding learn facts for leukotriene receptors ·discusses the restoration of leukotrienes in lung illness ·analyzes leukotriene receptor antagonists and synthesis inhibitors through particular agent ·provides a via entity precis of person drug details in exercise-induced, allergen-induced, aspirin-induced, and protracted reliable bronchial asthma ·profiles using brokers lively at the 5-LO pathway in bronchial asthma therapy ·and extra! With whole discussions of the restoration of leukotrienes in caused and spontaneous bronchial asthma and different stipulations, Five-Lipoxygenase items in bronchial asthma, will profit pulmonologists and pulmonary affliction experts; medical allergists; internists; chest, extensive care, fundamental care, and relations perform physicians; respiration therapists; physiologists; pathologists; mobile and molecular biologists; and graduate and scientific tuition scholars in those disciplines.

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The FLAP gene is a very large gene (Ͼ31 kilobases) consisting of five small exons and four large introns (78). The exon/intron sites do not match the sites of the putative three transmembrane binding domains. Southern blot analysis of human genomic DNA suggests a single FLAP gene per haploid genome (78). The transcription start site was mapped to 74 base pairs upstream of the ATG initiation codon, and the promoter region of the FLAP gene contained a possible TATA box and AP-2 and glucocorticoid receptor–binding sites.

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