Lockheed P-38 Lightning by Frederick A Johnsen

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By Frederick A Johnsen

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This was the Eighth Air Force's first SOD-airplane raid. The Lightnings escorted the heavy bombers almost all the way, and logged their first real European Theater of Operations combat that day. The P38 fliers claimed three enemy aircraft shot down that day. From 15th Air Force on November 4, bombtoting Lightnings, escorted by more P-38s, attacked a tunnel north of Terni and strafed Montalto di Castro as part of the effort to constrict and delay Axis transportation. B AN 01-75-2 Section IV / 2 1.

Thomas Lanphier and 1 Lt. Rex Barber with shooting down Yamamoto; questions arose about other possible contributions in the fray. P-38s continued on the warpath in 1943 all over the world, building in numbers as American production increasingly pumped warplanes into the fight. Sometimes, the AAF Lightnings linked with warplanes from other services, as on May S, 1943, when P-38s from 13th Air Force joined F4U Corsairs to strafe Nyanga. P-38E (41-2043) exhibits relatively minor damage following its belly landing in the dirt.

I flew the raised tail P-38 when I joined Kelly's outfit and found it to be more stable in pitch, but that's about all," LeVier said. " According to a draft design study produced by the company during the war: "(The) recently added dive flaps ... offset compressibility effect which shifted (the) center of lift from fore to aft portions of (the) wing. Due to the unprecedentedly high speeds attained by the heavy P-38 in power dives, shifting of the center of lift caused loss of normal control above the 'hydrodynamic' speeds, where air reacts like water, with a resulting tendency of the airplane to turn over into an outside __ 4 Natural metal finish P-38) shows national insignia sandwiched between engine coolant radiator, aft, and teardrop-shaped supercharger air scoop.

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