Lockheed Constellation From Excalibur to Starliner by Dominique Breffort

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By Dominique Breffort

Designed previous to global conflict after targeted standards from the yankee multi-millionaire Howard Hughes, the Lockheed Constellation is widely known this day as one of many best flying computer ever outfitted. As a civilian airplane, it's been the 1st airliner in a position to move the Atlantic Ocean non cease, however it additionally has had a good army occupation, due to its magnificent features which allowed it to meet missions of digital war and AWACS

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E mise au point, pourtoutesl es Ilg~esdq . rare s'explique par une Id~gu I italion commerciale. Une aphlu e auUI euf anne es de guerre et ~xp 0 ent si pouss Le nem suivie tout au long de n I'occa sion d'un entral ui a;t obtenu Ie Peu d'appa~eils" o~t a~~uenement Ie seul Iqouadri~o~~:~ d~ l'Aviation Civile "Conslellatlon . eS categorie A, de I rg aOlS3 bTte certifiest de na"Iga " , lnternation a1e . n e. ). Indeed, apart from its new Wright R-3350- Inside the cabin, there were completely adjustable seats 749C18BD-1 engines rated at 2 500 bhp each, which could be transformed into sleeper seats, and folda- the fuselage and the wings had been reinforced, way berths could be installed above the portholes.

39 ) Even further: the L-749 Since commercial air traffic was growing incessantly during sed cruising speed by 15 mph. But the pipes were noisier than the older ones so cabin noise insulation turned out to be indispensable in order not to disturb the passengers. The the latter part of the forties, Lockheed was at the right time L-749, whose certification was granted in March 1947, at at the right place when it proposed its new Constellation the same time as that for the L-649, can be. considered as variant with a longer range.

It was sold to a Brazilian campany which scrapped it in 1969. :_-+ -t- - -+ Lockheed L-049-51-26 lc/n 2061) 'NC88861' belonging to PM. This plane which was part of the large order placed by Pan Am in the spring of 1946, was first called 'Clipper Atlantic' then 'Clipper Winged Arrow'. It inaugurated the Far-East route to Hong Kong via Calcutta and Bangkok, as well as the first section of Pan Am's round-the-world route. It was then transferred to Cubana in 1953 then sold to EI AI in December 1955 which used it until 1962 when it was parked at Tel Aviv whilst waiting to be handed over to the Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) before being finally destroyed in the middle of the sixties.

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