Letters to Atticus by Cicero

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By Cicero

Полное трёхтомное издание писем знаменитого оратора и литератора Марка Туллия Цицерона к своему другу Аттику. Более four hundred писем (в sixteen книгах), в которых содержится много информации о деятельности Цицерона, социальной и политической жизни в Риме. Тома содержат латинский текст и английский перевод, статьи, а также хронологический порядок писем и именной указатель.

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Sed omnia, ut voles. Ego Tibi ad facile. venire, ut ostendis, vide ne Est enim longum enim, quicquid feceris, id iter, cum recte tum etiam mea causa factum putabo. XVIIla CICERO ATTICO SAL. Heri, Scr. Astnrae /// Id. Mart. a. cum ex aliorum toni adventu, admiratus 70y ^Yaxxi pridie ista litteris sum cognovissem de An- nihil esse in tuis. fortasse scriptae quam datae. Sed Neque quidem euro; sed tamen opinor propter praedes suos accucurrisse. Quod Terentiam de obsignatoribus mei istaec non curare neque esse quicquam aut parvae curae aut Sed tamen quid simile?

About the gardens I earnestly entreat your aid. I must employ all my own resources and those of friends, who I know will not desert me but I can manage with my own. There are things I could sell easily too. But without selling anything, if I pay interest to the person from whom I buy for no more than a year, I can get what I want, if you The most available are those of Drusus, assist me. as he wants to sell. The next I think are Lamia's but he is away. However scent out anything you Silius again never uses his at all, and he will can.

Denique nemo negabit se iuraturum, quem rogaris. Quod si erit veniam et ipse perpetuum morbum iurabo. Cum enim mihi carendum sit conviviis, male id lege videri facere quam dolore. Cocceium velim appelles. Quod enim dixerat, non facit. Ego autem volo aliquod emere latibulum et perfugium doloris mei. durius, XIV CICERO ATTICO SAL. De me excusando apud Appuleium dederam ad te VIII Id. QuemNihil esse negotii arbitror. pridie litteras. Mart. a. 709 cumque appellaris, nemo negabit. Sed Septimium Scr.

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