Let's Study Urdu: An Introductory Course by Ali S. Asani, Syed Akbar Hyder

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By Ali S. Asani, Syed Akbar Hyder

Let’s research Urdu! is a accomplished creation to the Urdu language that draws on a number of real-life contexts, renowned movie songs, and prized works of Urdu literature. A number of powerful aural, oral, and written drills can help scholars grasp the language whereas retaining them entertained. Let’s research Urdu! presents scholars of various backgrounds, together with background audio system, the chance to augment their competency over uncomplicated grammatical buildings which will with ease use the language in Urdu-speaking milieus from South Asia, the center East, Europe, and North America.

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Again. etiquette of formalUrdu dictates that the reply should be modest, simple. and even humble so lhat one does not actually say how one is. which also means "thank you" as a reply. Sometimes variant expressions such as "'f-- ~f 0 cJ,,k,, or "'f-- j~/ 0J~" (literally. e. thanks be to God) or 'f--~J 0,,;,,' (~J= prayers, "[1 you " (literally, "kindness. kind of you to ask"). One may also use 11mtine thanks] to your prayers") may also be heard. 7) The asking of names can also be informal or formal.

His name is Amit. He is American. 2. Her name is Devi, She is Indian. 3. Their house is in Pakistan. 4. Are they Pakistani? No, they are definitely not Pakistani. 5. What is their work? 6. They are all students. They are Iranian. 7. Your house is beautiful. 8. It's your house. 9. Where is Dacca? Dacca is in Bangladesh. 10. She too is Sikh. ,Ii'-:) University. _A ~ ~'1 ~ ....... _..... $ (~ (. t" . / ,. -=4~ jy , J(;.. J. ;- ( 1:)/ 1. , (I ~ , • P" ~ (IP ·The vertical line above the letter ')Ie" is a sign for a special letter, "alif maqsura," which occursoccasionally in certain words of Arabic origin.

TI , jU.. I;-? ,1 -: .. ::... J? ; l:)lJ-- ,tI ~'7- 32 _r ~vr ... lIP. 1L JIP. 1/ tJJ'? tJy. tf. Jf if. JW' Jt&. • ~ JI{' Jt&. I'$ J( J,$ tt;' 'I Crt&. 2::! )~ J. :::.... ,f i. )t( 33 ,f 1. (/' J'i. 1 i :J; ... :;,(. I? :;,(. ,t- -J,i (J,i _e:! -J. i, --:? e:! 7 Conversation Practice Rob: Hello, who are you? Stranger: Hello, hello. My name is Jay. r am a tourist officer here. Are you from America? r am from Canada. Rob: What?! No. Canada is close to America. Stranger: Yes, yes. Canada is very famous.

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