KamaSutra Tantra - The Multi-Orgasmic Man

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When this happens, the urethra, which is like a hose that has been pinched, swells up with fluid and can hurt. You need to turn off the faucet before the water (or, in this case, semen) enters the hose. Make sure you push farther back and/or sooner next time. Also make sure you are not pushing too hard. Some discomfort is common, especially during the first few weeks, from the pressure you apply with your fingers and the fluid pressure in your pelvis, but it shouldn't hurt for long. If you are experiencing pain, try to refine the technique or forget this stopgap measure and learn the more important Big Draw.

Since you still lose some of your energy with this technique, the sooner you are able to learn the Big Draw, the better off you will be. Although at first you may feel fatigued, your energy will return sooner than if you had ejaculated. This is a powerful practice, which you should not use more than once every two or three days when you start. If you are elderly or ill, you should not use this practice more than twice a week when you begin. The retained sexual energy may cause you to feel hot or thirsty.

If any man practices properly and regularly, eventually he'll get it. " When you begin learning the Big Draw, you will need to use the various techniques described in this section. Eventually, when doing the Big Draw you will be able to use just your mind and maybe a quick squeeze of your PC muscle. According to one multi-orgasmic man, "In the beginning, I had to contract my muscles, especially the perineum and the anus, while concentrating on drawing the energy up with my mind. " FINDING THE WAY Cautions The Big Draw is a very powerful practice, and you need to make sure you follow a few safety tips.

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