Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest by Sy Montgomery

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By Sy Montgomery

Through the acclaimed writer of The Soul of an Octopus and the bestselling memoir the great sturdy Pig.

When Sy Montgomery ventured into the Amazon to free up the mysteries of the littleknown purple dolphins, she stumbled on old whales that plied the Amazon River at sunrise and nightfall, swam via treetops in flooded forests, and played underwater ballets with their versatile our bodies. yet she quickly figured out that to grasp the botos, because the dolphins are in the neighborhood known as, you need to additionally understand the folk who stay between them.

And so in trip of the red Dolphins, Montgomery―part naturalist, half poet, half Indiana Jones―winds her method via watery tributaries and riverside villages, looking for botos and listening to the stories of locals who think those airy dolphins are shape-shifters―creatures that emerge from the water as wonderfully dressed males or ladies simply to enchant their human onlookers, seize their souls, after which hold them away to the Encante, an underwater global. Montgomery takes readers on 4 separate trips, exploring the river-dwelling dolphins’ common background, chronicling their conservation pressures, unraveling their prehistoric roots, and vacationing with shamans who delve into the Encante.

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