Interaction in Poetic Imagery: With Special Reference to by Michael Silk

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By Michael Silk

This can be an strange and unique contribution to literary idea. Michael Silk is a classicist, yet his e-book is anxious not just with the literature of antiquity, but in addition with the idea of literature as such: it investigates a facet of poetic imagery within the sensible context of historical poetry. during the research, many illustrative passages from English verse are mentioned, however the corpus of poetry selected for specific cognizance is early Greek lyric and drama (up to and together with Aeschylus and Pindar) and different hundred appropriate passages from this corpus are tested systematically. Dr Silk formulates a brand new severe notion, 'interaction', to represent convinced beneficial properties of metaphor and different imagery and explores intimately their nature and value. in addition to interplay itself, many subsidiary 'matters coming up' are given great therapy: there are discussions of comparable matters within the fields of stylistics and literary conception, new ideas on quite a few facets of historic literature (notions of Greco-Roman theorists in addition to practices of Greek poets), and in particular, very important contributions to the idea and perform of 'literary lexicography' in a useless language.

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Normal* must be interpreted to mean 'relevantly and availably normal'. I do not mean: 'there is only one sort of normal usage'. I mean: 'there are as many sorts of normal usage as there are - but metaphor, qua metaphor, cannot be referred to any one of them. ' If Yeats uses a 'dead metaphor' which happens to be in its secondary sense an esoteric astrological expression, this is ' normal' in at least one relevant sense, as belonging to the normal linguistic apparatus of astrology, an apparatus presupposed and available to readers of the poem in question.

I4of. 3 pevdeoc is largely confined to epic (to which the Stesich. 38. It seems not to be attested in specific connection with COKSOCVOS itself, though cf. ^11. 4 For the tag, cf. ui p. ) are described as Tfjs ypociJiHornKfjs T-qv KOIVTJV ovvr)0etav TrocpapccivovTes. Extra-grammatical signification in my sense was also recognized in antiquity, even perversely, as by Aristid. ). 5 Prolegom. p. xi. 6 See above, p. 20. §14 Now that it is apparent what I mean by 'interaction', it may be wondered why I have approached the subject in this oblique way, via what are presumably not its most striking manifestations.

Nowottny 70. Some of the neutral terms already noted may be presumed to 28 DEAD METAPHOR AND NORMAL USAGE (§15) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 owe their status to just such a semantic history, although what looks like Mead metaphor' can be produced by * linguistic drift' (see Waldron 170-4) as well as by 'the institutionalizing of an ad hoc metaphor* (ibid. 178). The great Romantic insight, 'origins show the nature of a thing' (Herder), is, like many insights, sometimes profoundly true, sometimes partly true, sometimes irritatingly irrelevant.

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