Intelligence and Evolutionary Biology by Harry J. Jerison (auth.), Harry J. Jerison, Irene Jerison

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By Harry J. Jerison (auth.), Harry J. Jerison, Irene Jerison (eds.)

In evolutionary biology, "intelligence" needs to be outlined when it comes to characteristics which are topic to the main forces of natural evolution. hence, this quantity is worried with the major questions which are suitable to the evolutionary challenge. Comparisons of studying skills are highlighted by way of an in depth record on similarities among honeybees and better vertebrates. numerous chapters are excited by the evolution of cerebral lateralization and the keep an eye on of language, and up to date analyses of the evolution of encephalization and neocorticalization, together with a assessment of results of domestication on mind measurement are offered. the connection among mind dimension and intelligence is debated vigorously. most unique, even though, is the power obstacle with analytic and philosophical matters that come up within the research of this subject, from the purposes of recent advancements on man made intelligence as a resource of cognitive conception, to the popularity of the evolutionary approach itself as a idea of information in "evolutionary epistemology".

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26 The Status of Human Knowledge 1 move now to the third and final part of my discussion. As 1 have warned you, 1 now become almost entirely theoretical and philosophical - although, 1 hope to be able to circle right back to a fundamental empirical point. Grant, as 1 keep asking you to grant, everything that has gone before. Grant, that is, that our thinking is informed and constrained by innate dispositions, put in place by natural selection for their adaptive value. What kind of product emerges from such an intellect?

Rather, they conform to deep-seated rules of inference and reasoning (Nagel, 1961; Hempel, 1966). Thus, on the one hand, we find that scientific theories - all scientific theories - must be compatible with laws of mathematics and of logic, they must relate to the physical evidence in certain acceptable ways (as, for instance, in the Popperian demand that science be "falsifiable"), and they must illuminate our understanding of reality according to certain conventions (Ruse, 1982 a). I mentioned, in discussing Darwin's ideas, that the great merit of his theory was that it was "consilient" - it gathered together many disparate areas of knowledge into one whole.

It is as simple as that. The paradox of culture has dissolved. The products of the mind escape the tight controls of traditional biology. However, they exist only by courtesy of structures devised by selection. Evidence Simple, the case I advocate may be. Unproven, it certainly is. Let me now make five points, briefly, in its favour. Firstly, everything we know about biology - particularly, everything we know 22 about the evolution of intelligence - suggests that my perspective on intelligence is empirically plausible.

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