In the Footsteps of William Wallace: In Scotland and by Alan Young

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By Alan Young

A wonderfully illustrated trip throughout the panorama and occasions of the lifetime of the enduring Scottish knight who used to be dropped at existence within the movie Braveheart For approximately seven-hundred years debate has raged over the genuine nature of William Wallace and his position in Scotland's turbulent history—was he the Braveheart of Blind Harry's mythical account, the daring, yet savage, hero of the Scottish wars, or, as a few modern chroniclers attested, was once he not anything yet a villainous thief and vagrant fugitive? This e-book attracts on quite a lot of modern and glossy assets to appear at the back of the determine of legend to discover Wallace's real character. It traces Wallace's journey from his modest upbringing in south-west Scotland and his first victory as a "guerilla" chief and army commander at Stirling Bridge to his painful loss of life seven years later, together with his "invasion" of Northumberland and Cumberland. this is often an important touring better half for a trip via Wallace's state and to profit extra in regards to the fantasy and the fellow.

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