History and the Homeric Iliad (Sather Classical Lectures, by Denys L. Page

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By Denys L. Page

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AU XVII iv 23: "vom Lande Ahhijawa darf kein Schiff zu ihm [sc. " Cf. AU XV: the son of Uhha-LU was banished by ship to Ahhijawa. Also Taw. (quoted below), Pijamaradus escaped from Millawanda to Ahhijawa by ship. If Alasija is Cyprus, Madd. 37 ff. shows that Attarssijas the Ahhijawan travelled overseas. F. , and two from Scha­ chermeyr 41 ff. AU XVIII. See Sommer's reply in AUKE 279 f. to Schachermeyr 40. The latter's objectivity fails him altogether here. The ideogram ZAG, he says, "can mean, among other things, 'frontier,' "—as if there were any doubt about what it means in this context.

I can see that Ahhijä may be thus explicable; but that is a form which occurs only in one document. What we have to explain is Ahhijawä, particularly the -(/*-; and to that problem Völkl makes, so far as_I can see, no contribution. Kretschmer suggests a progress from Ahhaito Ahhaï- to Ahhaji- to Ahhija-; it is a relief to the layman to find that his impression that this is mere hariolation is shared by Sommer, AS 90. Schachermeyr's attempt to explain the phenomenon includes two fatal errors, exposed by Sommer, AUKE 267 f.

On the other hand, proves that Millawanda (which is identical with Milawatas; AU 206 η. Ι) was at that time subject to the king of Ahhijawâ; though his control cannot have been very firm, since Tawagalawas offers himself as a vassal of the Hittites, and since the Hittites can (and indeed do) walk in and occupy the place. I suppose that this district (like others in the neighbourhood) may have varied its allegiance from time to time. If the Ahhijawans are Achaeans, their standing in Milawatas may well have been limited to a trading-settlement more or less dominating the native population.

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