Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security by Donald L. Pipkin

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By Donald L. Pipkin

Halting the Hacker lives as much as it truly is billing as a "practical advisor. it's a ledger of the way to establish and safe a Unix-based community. It info a variety of methods and strategies that hackers use to achieve procedure entry, privileges and keep an eye on of a approach. Its key profit is that it essentially and speedy info quite a few countermeasures (both reactive and proactive) that you'll take to forestall such a lot hackers.For instance, pointers on facing "doctored logs.The method supervisor are able to inform that the logs were altered yet now not manage to inform what info has been altered or got rid of. If the system's auditing enables auditing of occasions to a selected dossier, you have to audit all actions that pertain to log records. when you are utilizing syslog to avoid wasting the log records to a different computing device, the relationship to that desktop will be audited.The ebook comes with a CD-ROM library of software program instruments to observe and get rid of safety difficulties. At less than 2 hundred pages, it's readable in a number of hours and you'll be able to positioned a variety of strategies to quick use.

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Other companies are hindered by the costs of producing comparable software. Many organizations' secrets are contained not only in the information they have, but are also imbedded in the software that they have created internally. Theft of an organization's proprietary software can disclose some of the organization's most private secrets. This theft may also deprive the organization of the ability to use the software if the original copy is destroyed in the process of the theft, leading to an inability to continue to do business.

There are a number of ways Trojan horses can be introduced. They can be introduced as games, usually under development, so that anything that acts flaky is just a bug, or as utilities. Utilities are especially effective since they are more likely to be run by someone with privileges. Beware of geeks bearing gifts. It is a cliché, but if something sounds too good to be true, it is. You should not load any unofficial software or any software from an unofficial source without minimally validating the software on a safe quarantine system.

I l@ve RuBoard I l@ve RuBoard Exploiting Vulnerabilities Exploiting known vulnerabilities is the most common method of attack. Exploit tools are widely available and can be run without any knowledge of the vulnerability being exploited. These tools make it point-and-hack. There are basically two groups of tools: the tools which find systems with known vulnerabilities and those that attack the known vulnerability. Scanners and Profilers Scanners will look at many systems, making a preliminary evaluation of the software being run on them.

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