Hacking Knoppix by Scott Granneman

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By Scott Granneman

Written by means of a pro seasoned who has been utilizing Knoppix for years, this lighthearted but informative booklet exhibits hack-hungry fanatics easy methods to customise Knoppix distributions, create Knoppix-based dwell CDs, rescue a home windows computing device that will not boot, and extra.

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34 Chapter 1: Unraveling the Knoppix Toolkit Maze Chapter 1: Unraveling the Knoppix Toolkit Maze 35 The options in the Whitespace Treatment area of the window can be useful if you want to get rid of spaces in the filenames on your disc. No change does just that — files that have spaces in their names still do. Nowadays, this isn't really a problem for Linux boxes, so we just usually leave K3b set to that. Over the years, the standards for burning CDs have morphed in many different directions. Fortunately, most modern hardware and modern operating systems support most of these addons and extensions, but it's still a good policy to test all burned CDs on the various CD readers that you plan to use before you rely on those discs!

2. Ensure that your card sees an access point by running the following: $ sudo iwlist eth0 scan The results of this command tell you that your card is working and can interact with your local access point. 3. Assuming that Knoppix saw a wireless card at eth0, the following key commands can be used: ♦ $ sudo iwconfig eth0 essid essidname: Sets your ESSID. Change essidname to the actual name you need to use. To connect to any ESSID, use any for 48 Chapter 2: Maximizing Knoppix Internet Tools Chapter 2: Maximizing Knoppix Internet Tools 49 essidname.

You can look around on the Knoppix forum, but don't expect very much, frankly. That's why I always keep spare PCI and PCMCIA modems around; I know they work with Linux, and especially Knoppix. Here's the hardware I rely on: • PCI: USRobotics 3CP5610 • PCMCIA: USRobotics Megahertz XJ1560 To set up your modem, open the Knoppix menu and select Network/Internet → /dev/modem Connection Setup. You'll be given five options: Serial, USB, IrDA, Bluetooth, and Winmodem. Choose Serial, USB, or Winmodem — whichever matches your hardware — and see whether Knoppix can get your modem working.

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