Hacker's Challenge 3: 20 Brand New Forensic Scenarios & by Himanshu Dwivedi, David Pollino, Bill Pennington, Tony

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By Himanshu Dwivedi, David Pollino, Bill Pennington, Tony Bradley

The tales approximately phishing assaults opposed to banks are so true-to-life, it's chilling." —Joel Dubin, CISSP, Microsoft MVP in Security

Every day, hackers are devising new how one can holiday into your community. Do you could have what it takes to prevent them? discover in Hacker's problem 3. within, top-tier protection specialists supply 20 brand-new, real-world community protection incidents to check your laptop forensics and reaction abilities. the entire most up-to-date hot-button subject matters are coated, together with phishing and pharming scams, inner company hacking, Cisco IOS, instant, iSCSI garage, VoIP, home windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX/Linux hacks, and masses extra. each one problem encompasses a specified clarification of the incident—how the break-in was once detected, proof and clues, technical historical past corresponding to log documents and community maps, and a sequence of questions that you can remedy. partly II, you'll get an in depth research of ways the specialists solved every one incident.

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She can do this through the use of JavaScript to dynamically write the appropriate FORM elements, and use the JavaScript submit() method to automatically POST the dynamically created FORM elements. The JavaScript that provides the foundation for FORM creation appears in the following code. The code expects the user to provide a value for the username, password, login URL, and POST parameters needed to execute a login attempt on the WhatsUp Gold server. Once the required values are provided, the FORM element is automatically submitted to the vulnerable server.

Com The next few sections will present scenarios demonstrating how emerging attack vectors make it easy for malicious outsiders to latch onto application and browser transactions, and make their way into an organization’s internal presence. Man on the Inside There are many ways to gain access to a corporate internal network, but the most popular avenue in today’s web-centric world is the web browser. In today’s corporate environment, web browsers are installed on almost every machine in any given organization.

Txt", 'a'); fwrite($fp, $username); fclose($fp); elseif(isset($_GET['password'])) { $password = $_GET['password'] . > // no action needed Advanced and Automated Attacks In the next example, we present techniques involving the XMLHttpRequest object and how an attacker can use the XMLHttpRequest object to grab the HTML source for various pages on a web application that is vulnerable to XSS. In this scenario, the attacker will make the requests with the victim’s session cookies, allowing the attacker to steal content meant for the victim.

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