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Chapter 1 - utilising protection rules on your E-Business

, Pages 1-44
Chapter 2 - DDoS assaults: rationale, instruments, and Defense

, Pages 45-118
Chapter three - safe site Design

, Pages 119-218
Chapter four - Designing and enforcing protection Policies

, Pages 219-260
Chapter five - enforcing a safe E-Commerce net Site

, Pages 261-312
Chapter 6 - Securing monetary Transactions

, Pages 313-380
Chapter 7 - Hacking your individual Site

, Pages 381-424
Chapter eight - catastrophe restoration making plans: the easiest Defense

, Pages 425-473
Chapter nine - dealing with huge Volumes of community Traffic

, Pages 475-513
Chapter 10 - Incident reaction, Forensics, and the Law

, Pages 515-551
Appendix A - Cisco recommendations for content material Delivery

, Pages 553-582
Appendix B - Hack Proofing Your E-Commerce website quickly Track

, Pages 583-624

, Pages 625-650

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Some vendors respond by publishing fixes that are not completely tested or that simply hide the problem instead of solving it. While you can never be totally sure of the impact of a patch or modification, you can hedge your bet by implementing proper controls on the patching process. Steps such as creating a mirrored test network, authenticating the origins of a patch before installing it, and creating good communications channels with your vendors and staff members will take you a long way toward safety.

An Initial Sequence N u m b e r (ISN) is also submitted with the packet. T C P is a reliable protocol and consequently needs a mechanism for recovering from transmission failures and to help with packet reassembly. The ISN helps the recipient to sequence packets correctly. 0 A SYN/ACK is sent f r o m the server to the client. The server responds to the client by sending back the client's ISN plus 1. The server's ACK acknowledges the clients SYN; the server's SYN indicates to the client that the server is able to establish a session with the client.

Com 33 34 Chapter 1 9 Applying Security Principles to Your E-Business Possible R e s u l t s of Failure The fear tactic approach is not without its drawbacks. While this is not common, it is certainly a risk when dealing with this strategy. Political problems often arise from this approach as well. Groups that are exposed as having been vulnerable are often blamed for the damages, or may become difficult to work with in the future. The best way to control this side effect is to continually reinforce that individuals are not to blame, but that the whole process requires change and better control.

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