HackNotes Windows Security Portable Reference by Michael O'Dea

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By Michael O'Dea

HackNotes home windows safety transportable Reference covers very fascinating and pertinent subject matters, in particular ones comparable to universal ports and prone, NetBIOS identify desk definitions, and different very particular components which are necessary to comprehend if one is to surely understand how home windows structures are attacked. writer Michael O'Dea covers not just famous but additionally extra mobscure (but however most likely harmful) assaults. primarily else, he writes in a really transparent, well-organized, and concise style-a variety that only a few technical books can fit.

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Can be captured and brute forced, but process is very slow. Reference Center Windows Authentication Methods LM (LAN Manager) RC 16 Reference Center Common Security Identifiers (SIDs) Security Identifiers (SIDs) Description S-1-1-0 Everyone automatic group S-1-5-1 Dialup users automatic group S-1-5-2 Network users automatic group S-1-5-3 Batch users automatic group S-1-5-4 Interactive users automatic group S-1-5-6 Service users automatic group S-1-5-11 Authenticated users automatic group S-1-5-[domain SID]-500 Administrator built-in account S-1-5-[domain SID]-501 Guest built-in account S-1-5-[domain SID]-1000 Default SID of first account on a local system or Windows NT domain.

Try enabling zone transfers to any server and using nslookup as described earlier to obtain a listing of your domains using the ls –d command. Disabling zone transfers for other DNS servers is done in a similar fashion. conf file, and the allow-transfer directive names the access control lists that can request zone transfers for the specific domain. pdf. Figure 1-2. Windows 2003 Server Zone Transfer configuration tab. Here the administrator has enabled zone transfers with no restrictions. com Remember that DNS works both ways, with forward and reverse lookups.

The rapid advent of the Internet meant many domain administrators were unfamiliar with the intricacies of DNS security and so configured very friendly and open servers. Any computer with an IP (Internet Protocol) address could ask the organization’s DNS servers for a full list of all the domains and hosts they were aware of, and the server would happily reply. The attackers were exploiting part of the DNS protocol that defined how one DNS server would communicate updates with others, Chapter 1: Footprinting: Knowing Where to Look DNS Zone Transfer There are a variety of tools to help you test a given server for a DNS zone transfer.

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