GURPS Operation Endgame by Steve Jackson

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By Steve Jackson

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Spies may still attempt to conceal themselves, using Stealth, Disguise, or whatever else seems appropriate. However, if they ever return to their "official business," they must provide an explanation of their activities. This requires a Fast-Talk roll, at least. Undercover agents who enter as cadets receive assignments to the barracks. In one hour, they meet a cadre who launches them immediately into the regimen described in the Training sidebar. This schedule provides no free time whatsoever. The cadres notice immediately if agents slip away from training, with the consequences described above.

Once again, the GM should fully describe the scene, as police drive the agents to the station, methodically fingerprint and photograph them, strip them in a concrete room and finally close the prison doors upon them. If the agents did not have the tickets and submit to investigation, the police release them 3d days later and return all confiscated items. No solid evidence connects them to the bombing. The matter becomes more difficult if the party had the tickets in its possession. In this case, the investigation lasts 5d days.

Only Santin Yuchenko has comprehensive knowledge of the operation. The others know about the operations they happen to be involved in. They can also identify the other members of the cell. All members know of the airstrip in Kazakhstan (p. 53), and are aware that a German arms dealer named Frunze supports their group. Beyond this, the GM should not feel required to give out any information. However, if the agents have no other clues, the feat of capturing an Armiya agent alive certainly entitles them to some useful information and the GM need not hesitate to provide it.

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