Gender, Ethics and Information Technology by Alison Adam (auth.)

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By Alison Adam (auth.)

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But, as Pateman argues, whilst we might excuse Mill, writing 150 years ago, we certainly cannot excuse contemporary political theorists their assumption of women’s natural domain being the domestic sphere. Hence, feminist critiques of marriage and personal life cannot be ignored in theories of democracy. The example of the workplace, together with … other examples … should be sufficient to show the fundamental importance to democratic theory and practice of the contemporary feminist insistence that personal and political life are integrally connected.

In this way we may hope that further research on Internet pornography may shed light on the long running ‘porn wars’. Feminist jurisprudence Given continuing concerns about the law’s treatment of reproduction, rape, social welfare, child abuse, pornography, sex discrimination and equal opportunities, a groundswell of opinion favouring the development of a distinctly feminist form of jurisprudence has arisen, centred Feminist Political and Legal Theory 35 in North America, Western Europe and Australia (Smart 1989; Smith 1993).

There is a systemic regulation of women’s bodies; the women in the preceding examples were not free to do exactly as they pleased with their bodies. Production of children was involved and therefore male consent was required, but there were all sorts of other issues bound up with this. There was the question of women deliberately choosing to bring up children on their own. There was a question of taking something from men without consent; there was the question of producing children, to whose creation their fathers could not or would not assent.

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