Friendly Advice (Clay Sanskrit Library) by Naráyana

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By Naráyana

Naráyana’s best-seller offers its reader even more than “Friendly Advice.” in a single convenient collection—closely on the topic of the world-famous Pañcatantra or 5 Discourses on Worldly knowledge —numerous animal fables are interwoven with human tales, all designed to tutor wayward princes. stories of canny procuresses compete with these of crafty crows and tigers. An intrusive ass is just thrashed by way of his grasp, however the meddlesome monkey finally ends up along with his testicles overwhelmed. One prince manages to take pleasure in himself with a merchant’s spouse along with her husband’s consent, whereas one other is kicked out of paradise through a painted snapshot. This quantity additionally comprises the compact model of King Víkrama’s Adventures, thirty-two renowned stories a few beneficiant emperor, instructed through thirty-two statuettes decorating his lion-throne.Co-published by way of ny collage Press and the JJC FoundationFor extra in this identify and different titles within the Clay Sanskrit sequence, please stopover at

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