Fluid dynamics and heat transfer by James G Knudsen

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By James G Knudsen

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Augmented Lagrangian and operator-splitting methods in nonlinear mechanics

A necessity for a deeper knowing of the convergence homes of augmented Lagrangian algorithms and in their courting to operator-splitting tools equivalent to alternating-methods course and the advance of extra effective algorithms brought on the authors to write down this publication. the amount is orientated to purposes in continuum mechanics.

The Navier-Stokes equations

The Navier-Stokes equations have been firmly confirmed within the nineteenth Century because the procedure of nonlinear partial differential equations which describe the movement of most typically taking place fluids in air and water, and because that point certain ideas were sought through scientists. jointly those recommendations let a transparent perception into the habit of fluids, supplying a automobile for novel mathematical equipment and an invaluable fee for computations in fluid dynamics, a box during which theoretical examine is now ruled by means of computational tools.

Thermal Spray Fundamentals: From Powder to Part

This ebook offers readers with the basics precious for knowing thermal spray know-how. assurance comprises in-depth discussions of varied thermal spray strategies, feedstock fabrics, particle-jet interactions, and linked but very serious issues: diagnostics, present and rising functions, floor technological know-how, and pre and post-treatment.

Theoretical and Applied Aerodynamics: and Related Numerical Methods

This publication covers classical and glossy aerodynamics, theories and comparable numerical tools, for senior and first-year graduate engineering scholars, including:-The classical strength (incompressible) move theories for low velocity aerodynamics of skinny airfoils and low and high point ratio wings. - The linearized theories for compressible subsonic and supersonic aerodynamics.

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