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The solvent is more soluble in the coagulation fluid than it is in the precursor. Therefore, as the solution emerges from the spinneret capillaries, the precursor precipitates into fiber form. Dry spinning also involves spinning a concentrated solution through a spinneret. However, in dry spinning the solution is extruded into a drying chamber. Here, the solvent evaporates and the precursor precipitates into fiber form. Because melt spinning converts a pure precursor directly into fiber form and does not involve the added expense of solvent recycling and recovery, it is the preferred fiber formation process.

1984) have proposed that the microtexture of PAN-based carbon fibers is even more complicated – “crumpled sheets” form these fibrils. Each of these studies show that PAN-based carbon fibers contain extensively folded and interlinked turbostratic layers of carbon with interlayer spacings considerably larger than that of graphite. As a result, PAN-based carbon fibers have a low degree of graphitization. The turbostratic layers within PAN-based carbon fibers appear to follow the original fibril structure of the PAN precursor fiber.

8 Predicted influence of major process variables during mesophase melt spinning (Edie and Dunham, 1989). tensile stress on mesophase fibers is about 20% of that required to break the fiber (see Fig. 8), and experimental measurements confirm these predictions. In comparison, during melt spinning the tensile stress developed within a nylon fiber is less than 1% of the breaking strength of the filament. This stability problem is the direct result of two peculiarities of mesophase: its highly temperature-dependent viscosity, and the brittle nature of as-spun mesophase fibers.

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